The Change-Up at The Rock

The Change-Up at The Rock


10 PAX worked out for a full 60 minutes using most of the terrain offered up at The Rock. A quick shuffling of Q at the beginning (see moleskin) and the workout went something like this.

Bugeater (YHC) on Q:

1 Lap (400 m)

COP: 20 SSH, 20 IW, 30 MC, 20 Mason Twists, Partner Prairie Fire Mary (10L, 10C, 10R), Plank, 11 Slerkins (slow merkins and I will not mention YHC’s fail on rep number 11)

Indian Run (600 m) to our favorite hill known as North Face

5 Burpees at North Face Up, 10 Rock Hoppers at North face Down x 3

Cross over to fields on Rea side of Church for 50-yard There and Backs:

Round 1 There – Heels To Heaven, Back – V sits

Round 2 There – Mason Twist, Back – Dollys

Round 3 There – Flutters, Back – Heels To Heaven

Merkins x 50

Plank until PAX gathered and ready

Round 4 There – Bear Crawl/Crab Walk flapjack as needed, Back – Bear Crawl/Crab Walk flapjack as needed

Indian Run (600 m) back to starting COP location for hand off to Tadpole.

Tadpole on Q:

Mosey to soccer fields and Partner Up:

Partner Drag 40 yards – flap jack

Partner Wheelbarrow 40 yards – flap jack

Partner A Burpees and Partner B 50 yard sprint to Fence – 3 rounds

Partner A 6 inch Mission Impossible and Partner B 25 yard lunge walk

Mosey to tables for wall chair, military air press x 20

Step Ups x 20, Dips x 20, Derkins x 10 – 3 rounds

Mosey to volleyball courts for:

Bear Crawl There, run back

Bear Crawl there, Dragon Crawl back

Mosey to Circle Back up for Count off and Name-o-rama

Ball of Man send off by Tadpole


An interesting start to the day was an SOS tweet sent out by The Rock workout co-founder and steady as she goes Mallcop at 0640, originally scheduled to first half Q followed by waiting in the wings Tadpole. YHC saw the tweet in route and made the decision to help a brother out and pulled into Calvary to step in for a sickly Mall Cop. Yes, the decision was made to forego the opportunity to see what Purple Haze was going to dish out at his one-year F3 anniversary Day Zero workout. From the sound of it, I heard Haze laid out a painful dishing out of gloomy pain. So YHC immediate plan was to pull from my Hydra playbook from Q’ing on Thursday and Blades of Glory informed he said he was prepared for some of what YHC might bring.

The initial cold was harsh but five minutes into the workout many pax with the right layers were warm. The gloveless Tadpole was handed extra gloves sacrificed by Bulldog to help a pax brother out. Great move there! Not having coordinated the workout the terrain used by YHC and Tadpole was completely opposite sides of campus, so it could not have worked out better. We went on a regular tour today and many pax almost jumped on the 1 of 4 warm buses headed to a 3-day ski trip.

Some mumble chatter was heard. The North face was a treat that garnered comments, as usual. Wolfman was rather comical with his comments through out and indicated his spearhead and ruck focus has left him sucking wind on the sprints and running drills. Still a strong showing brother and way to power through! Blades of Glory is like a dang machine out there as well as Bulldog as usual as those two led much of the drills. Beast! Harley and Iron Horse were their steady strong as usual and all 10 fellas brought their A game and busted it all the way through – 60 minutes strong.

Tadpole showed off some great leadership leading the second half and at 17 is proving to be quite the F3 force. Great work Tadpole who expressed interest in Navy Seals. F3 is a great resume and network builder Tadpole. Good work buddy and leverage to the max.


GORUCK MARCH 2014: Reach out to Bulldog for anyone interested in upcoming Goruck in March. Goruck is an event every pax member should do at least once. Its the way to earn your man card. Read past backblast for Goruck events.

BLUE RIDGE RELAY SEPT 2014: Reach out to Baracus for anyone interested in Blue Ridge Relays in September. Many months to prepare. If you can handle a 10k you can handle this. This event is some great 2nd F and a blast as the jokes and stories are flying and being made as you go. Read past backblast for Sept 2013 BRR.

SAMMY 2nd BIRTHDAY: Spandex son Sammy turns two today. He was a miracle baby so dad was announcing to pax showing off his father pride and sharing this great news. Tremendous stuff and this is what F3 is about. Guys you can confide in, share the good and bad with.


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