Ice9 actually a good idea?

Ice9 actually a good idea?

6th anniversary of Commitment.  19 men showed up to celebrate a big piece of how F3 Waxhaw got its start.  YHC reached out to some of the OG’s (Old Guys) who were involved in starting F3 Waxhaw and was pleased to hear that some of them would be able to make it.


  • DCCS whipped out and the old guys were not impressed (who cares about safety . . . Back in my day . . .)
  • Mosey down path to the circle and sharp left onto grass field (we never do stuff on grass anymore)
  • SSH, I-Squawkers, Merkins
  • Mosey to circle for 6 hand release knee slap burpees


  • The Beast . . .  I don’t care if Chastain tried to steal my thunder at Impromptu
    • 6 Bomb Jacks
    • Run 6 3 trees
    • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK: We hear from Snowflake about how Commitment started
    • He let us know that it was actually Ice9’s idea to plant a workout down in cow country Waxhaw
    • Anything he is doing during 1st F stuff is definitely a BAD IDEA


  • Partner up and grab a weight
  • P1 rifle carries weight to Front Parking Lot of Kensington
  • P2 does 6 Bomb Jacks and chases P1
  • Flapjack
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Dasher about how he actually used to work out when it was cold out


  • P1 planks
  • P2 jumps over P1 6 times
  • P2 does 6 Derkins with feet on P1’s back
  • Flapjack and repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from former Site Q Popeye about Transporter calling him out in a loving way
  • Second round of Partner Rifle carries around parking lot
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Damascus about Commitment ended
    • He blamed it on Bro-lympics
    • He blamed it on Doughboy’s kid’s Porto-Potty explosion
    • He never mentioned he brought chain cutters he had any responsibility


  • 3rd round of Partner Rifle carries back to launch
  • PLANK TALK:  We briefly hear from Gerber about his memories of Commitment
    • Apparently he either has a bad memory or he was tired of planking


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • Bunny hops to midfield with 3 stops along the way for 6 knee slap burpees
  • Sprint to end of field
  • PLANK TALK:  Goodfella steps up so we can see him and reminisces about the day at Commitment when FNG Orville was almost killed by Transporter’s Q . . . Never to be seen again


  • 100 yard sprint
  • Popeye crushes it and shows the whole world he is a sandbagger . . . And then gets upset with the Q when he realizes we are doing EVERYTHING in SIXES today
  • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from current Site Q who talks about how co-Site Q Mad Dog is not pulling his weight in attendance and missed very much


  • Thanks to Snowflake for taking the horse and buggy long drive to Waxhaw as he did 6 years ago
    • His, and Ice9’s, selfless act each Saturday morning 6 years ago was the cornerstone of today’s F3 Waxhaw
    • Your COMMITMENT, no pun intended, has set F3 Waxhaw up to successfully find sad clowns and impact our local community
    • THANKS for to both of you for following the calling that God placed on your heart
    • I can’t wait to see Ice9’s second good idea . . . It should be coming shortly
  • Thanks to all the Site Qs, past and present, who have made this Saturday workout flourish and to be welcoming to all FNGs
  • Speaking of FNGs, welcome Norwood . . . Another lame sports great nickname given by the uncreative men of F3 Waxhaw #Buffalo
  • Well done to Das Boot who brought the FNG and kittens Catnip back out
  • 6th MAN:  Catnip gave his story and is still bitter about not being named “Tiger”
  • Kotters:  Along with Catnip, Maple Syrup and Ben Stein’s Money dusted off the white Reeboks workout gear and re-joined the cult PAX


    • Kevin:  Tanyatine’s brother who has been battling cancer and recently found out he has a gum ball-sized growth
    • Virginia:  Centerfold’s mom who is going through some tests and awaiting some results
    • Rice n Beans:  Centerfold is leading this initiative to get PAX, their M’s and 2.0s to head uptown on upcoming Wednesday nights (12/2, 12/9, 12/16) from 6:30-8:30pm to feed the underserved.  WILL YOU COMMIT TO ONE UPCOMING NIGHT?  Great opportunity to give back during this Holiday season and share that opportunity with other F3 PAX #Fellowship #Service


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