Are Those Your Legs or Did You Ride in on a Chicken?

Are Those Your Legs or Did You Ride in on a Chicken?

We were one Skywalker short of three dozen for a little bit of leg work.  Okay–a lot of leg work (read: only leg work).


  • Little baby jog to get the blood flowing, joints lubed.
  • SSH x30
  • Run to gate at top of hill
  • I-Wokka x 20
  • Run to gate at top of hill (faster than first one)
  • Slow Squat x 20 (3 count down, 1 count up)
  • Gallop to gate at top of hill (faster than 2nd one)

Jack Squat (Jack Webb for the legs)

  • (n+1) Squat to Jump Knee Tucks / 4(n+1) Squats, where n = (0 to 7).  

Mosey to rock pile, choose wisely, mosey to wall.

  • Poeple’s Thigh Master x 1 min (People’s Chair, squeeze rock between knees)
  • Stop Motion Lunge Walk x 40 yards (Hold lunge at bottom, take step on Q’s call).
  • People’s Abduction x 1 min (People’s Chair, use manual resistance to push knees out)
  • Reverse lunge walk (OYO) x 40 yards
  • Calf raises x 20
  • People’s Thigh Master x 1 min
  • Stop Motion Lunge Walk x 40 yards

Mosey to return rock, mosey to hill.

  • Sprint Hill x 1 (all belly starts)
  • Sprint Hill x 2
  • Sprint Hill x 3
  • Sprint Hill x 4
  • Sprint Hill x 5
  • Bounding Sprint x 1
  • Bounding Sprint x 1
  • Backwards Bear Crawl up hill

Mosey to HS for COT


  • This one was for all the walking candy apples out there.  The torsos on toothpicks.  You can’t expect to look like Flo Jo if you don’t put in the work on the lower half. These are the go muscles, not the show muscles. #paxgotback
  • Quite pleased with the Jack Squats–me legs is burning.  Maybe we move them to grass next time to save a little of the impact.  Lots of possibilities with n/4n combo…
  • Lunge walks make me feel like Forrest Gump every time:  “I got shot in the buttocks.”  I expect the same feeling tomorrow morning after the Stop-Motion Lunge Walks. Bad enough without weight–can’t wait to add KBs to this one.  You’ve been warned…
  • Lots of Larry Birds on the hill work.  Busch, Swiss Miss, Turkey Leg, probably others.  T-Claps to @GroundskeeperWillie (Stone Cold) for exterminating the ants.  No ant, snake or staple bites reported from the Pax today.


  • The number of workouts in Area 51 has only recently eclipsed the number of Cottontail 2.0s, and we put him further in the rear view mirror with the addition of Fast Twitch, starting this Tuesday, May 21.  Location: S. Charlotte MS.  Time: 0515 – 0600.  It will be pre-blasted, tweeted, etc.  Turkey Leg and Sprague will Q up running, pain stations and running.  If you are fast, they say they will make you faster.  If you are slow, they say they will make you faster.  If you hate running, they will make you hate running more.  You’ll park at SCMS, but I think you’ll be exploring the surrounding neighborhoods.  Headlamps are always a good idea. And remember: you don’t have to outrun the coyotes and packs of feral cats, just the guy next to you.
  • If that’s not your thing, Skunk Works celebrates the paper anniversary this Tuesday.  I will be leading us down memory lane by looking back at some of our favorite moments from workouts past.  Skunk Works Greatest Hits.
  • Seems like you should sign up for a bunch of stuff on the website:  Mud Run, GoRuck, BRR, knee replacement surgery…
  • Bugeater, the #HappyNebraskan, and his team have put together a Summer Kick Off Party on June 8 from 6 to 9 pm at Candlewyck Neighborhood Pool.  Minimal Cost, Maximal Fellowship.  Be there.
  • Strange Brew and his crew are having a rooking day at Base Camp this Monday, May 20.  This is the workout for guys who say they need to get in shape before they get in shape.
  • June 3rd:  New Monday workout at Carmel MS.  Details to follow.

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Stone Cold
10 years ago

I got those suckers #fireantdeath Success! and I’m ready if they return. Excellent smokefest on the stems today TR. Jack Squats were brutal. T-claps for all those that joined Compass for 3rdF, great conversation this am. Remember to come out for Skunk Works anniversary beatdown on Tuesday. TR will not dissappoint. Fo Sho!

10 years ago

pure comedy TR.
give me the layman’s definition for Larry Birds, please? #memoryfailure
Good numbers for Area51 on mid-May Friday. Great 2nd and 3rd F at Compass as well!

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