But we already did Mike Tyson’s

But we already did Mike Tyson’s

Picture this:

Three clowns driving away from Watchtower after a pretty solid beatdown.
Clown one: “Man, this knee injury isn’t all bad, I told Chicken Little I couldn’t commit to Q’ing because I’m not sure if it will hold up.”
Clown two: “Aren’t you Q’ing Impromptu on Friday?”
Clown one: “What are you talking about? Wouldn’t I know if I were Q’ing?”
Clown two: “That’s what I read.”
Yada yada yada……..clown one checks back through groupme and his text messages to find out he committed to Q’ing back in like June. And here we are. I am Clown One. From that moment on, I spent my time preparing a weinke like no one had ever seen. By that I mean I moved on with life and forgot about it again. Good news, crazy rain coming through I’m sure not many will show. Have some ideas on how to keep dry………No rain? Like a hundred PAX pulling up one by one….what could possibly go wrong? DiCCS given, we got what we need and I’m going to keep us out of where they’ll be traffic alive? moving.

The Thang

And they’re off, the three horse is in the lead with Gerber and Deadwood right beside him. Opening mosey at a 7 minute mile pace….oops….circle up at Rudy’s Rumble Room the bathroom house…..not enough room….do better

Circle at the circle, imperial walker, Jimmy Dugan, calf stretch, and dry docks…..mosey

Head to the stadium parking lot, LBC’s ……mosey

First alcove, grab some wall. Air presses in cadence and Mike Tyson’s on your own……mosey

Front of the high school, dips on the benches…..mosey

Now let’s run around the high school drop off with parents and their children walking up right to where there’s no path and it’s either wet grass (uh oh Moneyball) or jump in front of cars to the side gym entrance. We’ve got calf raises then more Mike Tysons……mosey

Heading back toward Rudy’s Poop Palace the bathroom we stop for LBC’s again and squats until the 6 and Zinfandel because he always circles for the 6, why can’t you all just get this part right? We’re here for ourselves and each other so circle back and be a better person catches up. We do the squats in cadence then….mosey

Head toward the middle school, grab some wall and do air jabs. Heading towards the front of the school we stop at the alcove and…..MORE MIKE TYSONS. Yes, Banjo I under stand we’ve done these already….thank you …..mosey

Step ups at the picnic table then LBC’s until we’re all done…..mosey

Out to the front of the building we find some bench for incline merkins, ok and more dips. Ugh forgot there were a thousand of us and there clearly isn’t enough benches. Channel your inner Deadwood, AUDIBLE …..mosey

Head towards COT, a sharp right into the alcove closest to it. Let’s do some air presses and you guessed it more Mike Tysons note to self, maybe come back to this because I’m not sure it’s true I may have blacked out by this point of the Q

Back to our original starting point for a variation of the Paula Abdul going three lights forward and one light back three steps forward because opposites attract on the way to Rudy’s Stool Saloon the bathroom we did speed skaters and on the way back LBCs is that right? are people still reading this?

This brought us back to COT with a minute or two to spare. And that was for all of us because here in Waxhaw we circle for the 6. Why do I have to keep telling you people this?

We did some Mary and called it a day.


Thanks for letting me lead. Strong push by all involved. Welcome to the FNG, Flip or Flop. And thank you to Dough Boy for taking us out.


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