One small step for F3, One giant leap for South Charlotte

One small step for F3, One giant leap for South Charlotte

Western Union is embarking on the exciting journey of becoming our own F3 Region. While the official Region name and the launch date are still TBD, we have started the process so wanted to keep everybody in the loop. This will somewhat surprisingly require a lot of work and not so surprisingly a lot of PAX stepping up into leadership roles. Thanks to Thin Mint, Nantan of SOB, for the guidance and the push to explore this launch.

WHY: To expand and grow the F3 mission of invigorating male community leadership. This new region will bring new and more leaders into the fold and allow our area to create its own unique culture rooted in F3’s core principles

WHO: A new 7 person Board has been created to help guide the process. The “WUC Transition Committee” (Goodfella, Mad Dog, Posse, Bottlecap), who were initially selected by Thin Mint and the SOB Board, then selected 3 additional Board members (Hollywood, Zinfandel, and Foundation)

WHAT: The Board held its first meeting on Saturday 4/6 and will hold monthly meetings going forward. A few items discussed were:

  • Region name: TBD (looking for strong name that identifies with our geographic region, would work well in marketing, and would be easily explained to other PAX/FNGs)
  • 2019 Goals (ie Service projects, F3 Dads, Family BBQ, etc.)
  • Board Operation/Term Limits: All 7 members have been asked to commit to serve on Board til at least end of 2019
  • Roles:
    • Co-Nantan: Goodfella and Bottlecap – Own the vision and outcome of the Region across all 3 F’s
    • Co-Weaselshaker: Mad Dog and Posse – A COO-type working very closely with Nantan(s), unafraid to confront those who try to weasel out on commitments
    • 1st F Q – Hollywood – Constantly finding new ways to grow and challenge the PAX physically. Responsible for Q School and ensuring diversity in workouts and AO’s
    • 2nd F Q – Zinfandel – Helps entire group and individual PAX connect. Explores, creates, and implements events for “men only” as well as our families
    • 3rd F Q – Foundation – Understands F3’s definition of Faith and lives it. Promotes community and something bigger than himself by identifying service opportunities in our area

WHEN: Official Launch Date: TBD (looking at Fall or early 2020)


  • This is a BIG deal and we need to be prepared to launch with excitement . . . There are a LOT more Sad Clowns we can reach in this area that need F3 in their lives
  • We will need a LOT of help so be ready to volunteer or be tapped/voluntold
    • Each of the Functional Qs (1st F, 2nd F, 3rd F) will be looking for PAX to lead in specific areas (ex. Q School lead, F3 Dads Q, Service Project Q, etc.)
    • If you have a particular passion/skill that you think would be valuable to the group, please reach out

This is an AMAZING group of men. We are extremely grateful for F3, SOB’s leadership, and for each of you who have already stepped up in a leadership role (Qing a workout, Site Q, coordinating a 2nd F event, serving at a 3rd F event, etc.). We are PUMPED up for what the future holds and how we can best position ourselves to #GiveItAway. Let’s leave NO MAN BEHIND IN (insert new Region’s name here)!

See you in the Gloom!

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