More like….Conver-Audible-Hot-Route-Utah-gence….am I right

More like….Conver-Audible-Hot-Route-Utah-gence….am I right

35 men joined yours truly for what would turn into one of the biggest clusters this side of Union County. I did have a solid Weinke planned today (I did Zin) but underestimated the number of PAX that would show.

Tons of gloom outside but no rain so I was ready to get it. Q Juice at 11 and it was time to rock. 

Disclaimer Given… I doubt half the guys heard it.


Mosey to First Watch – Big gap between front and back Pax. This was when I realized things were about to get hard. Missed the left turn to First Watch which was sad considering myself and Chainsaw cruised around for tenyyyn minutes prior.

Anyways lets circle up:


20 Merkins CC

20 Potato Picker IC

10 – 6″ plank jack IC

Plank – Calf Stretch Left over right, flap jack

Let’s mosey – The initial plan was to do 150 supines (sets of 25) and run around the building, half way around hit 50 squats – until all were completed. However it seemed a few were afraid to get a bit wet. I wasn’t sure how anyone would get wet during a supine but I’m used to the mouths during all of my Qs. Then mumble chatter about being able to get out of the actual space for the lap and….. AUDIBLE #1

Everyone knows my love of running so I shot out of a cannon due to the Q juice coursing through my veins.

Mosey to Traffic circle and the group was pretty spaced out by this point. Mountain climbers waiting on the 6. Thought I would be able to get the train back on the track at this point but things deteriorated a bit more. I attempted:

First traffic circle 5 merkins

First road to left (turns out the first “road” was an entrance not a road) 20 speed skaters each leg. Done properly this exercise will destroy the glutes.

Next road 10 burpees, maybe I said 5?

Second traffic circle 30 squats

Rinse/repeat 4x’s

The mumble chatter from the guys I didn’t really know by this point was not the typical banter. It was legit bitching and complaining. One guy said, “yes I heard you!” and another said “who picked this guys to lead?” #priceless

I had the idea to increase the number of reps after each round hoping the PAX would shut up reduce mumble chatter but it just got more confusing because of how spaced out everyone was. Regardless by round 2 we just kept it moving and powered through rounds 3 & 4. 

Finally for the love of all things holy, 4 rounds were complete. Some form of planking yoga was completed while waiting on the 6. I spaced out for 10 seconds and awoke to everyone yelling, “7 minutes left DW!” Damn it. 

Mosey to parking deck. I could feel several of the SOB guys light up as we approached the safe haven from the wet asphalt. It was scary out there….

Run to the top of the deck and do 5 burpees… twice. Alf made a great point by saying we didn’t have enough time to complete 2 rounds… he was right. One round complete…recover.

Head back to COT…watch out for the puddles, I would hate for anyone to get their feet wet. (Moneyball was working vicariously through the PAX today). 


Welcome Speedo to the group…as for everyone else I hate you. I’m mostly kidding. I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t just completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of PAXs there today. I had specific plans for the morning but all of that was thrown out the window when several people complained about getting moist during supines. Weak!!

Hell of a showing from my brothers in WUC, I appreciate you. Also you all probably saved me from a potential mutiny at different times with wise cracks and complaints suggestions. While we saw some confusion, that workout should have still kicked everyone’s tails. If you put the effort in you burned over 800 calories.

Any PAX in SOB or WUC that has not Qed and post often…its time to step up and see what you’re made of! It ain’t easy and sometimes down right awful…but it makes for a learning experience. We are all in this together. 

See you all at my next Q, I think I have 13 in January alone. Lots of learning to be done. 


Q Source 6:30-7 on Thursdays at Egg Up Grill – See Alf for details of

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