BySoft Pretzel Aug 25, 2017

23 men came out to Dromedary for the VQ of the legendary Johnny Utah… and some additional Q time from the not so legendary Soft Pretzel.  Here

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ByTransporter Aug 4, 2017

A rather Sleepless night as I foolishly drank caffeine a little late in the day left me a lot of time to think of some pain stations for the morn

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ByBratwurst Jun 28, 2017

26 PAX at the Wednesday Hump Day Bootcamp in Waxhaw, NC at Marvin Ridge MS/HS campus known as Dromedary were Thunderstruck! by Rockwell and his

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Crowd Favorites

ByEnron May 21, 2017

22 Pax showed up fro YHC's final Q as a resident of the UC.   To make the last Q extra special, exercises were chosen based on the high level o

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Practicing Agile Methodology

ByBratwurst May 10, 2017

YHC led his Q #2 at Dromedary and hopefully the IC was more intelligible than the VQ, though that’s debatable with the twists and new exercises

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The Great War

ByBratwurst May 3, 2017

21 PAX were present at Dromedary for my first Q. Was a little haphazard, but everyone was able to bear with me (posted on behalf of LegalZoom).

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Can’t Spell TUCK without “UC”

ByTuck Apr 26, 2017

24 men gathered in perfect conditions at #F3Dromedary for ~2.5 mi, 80 burpees and other festivities during YHC's first Q in the UC.  Blood and s


Growing another Hump

ByBratwurst Mar 31, 2017

PAX assembled on Wednesday morning at the Marvin Ridge HS/MS campus for a true campus tour, but without "too much" running...  Here's what we


Rock Out with your Tabata Out

ByFoundation Mar 15, 2017

11 showed up for an opportunity to Rock Out with your Tabata Out despite the cold weather. Warm up: SSH Imperial Walker Windmill Mt Cli


Punchin’ out Mike Tyson

ByEnron Mar 5, 2017

25 PAX showed up in the gloom for a free campus tour.  The THANG: Short jog around the parking lot followed by some warm-up:  Wind mills, cott

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