Don’t do the hill again

Don’t do the hill again


All the necessary safety announcements made.  Mosey to front of school.  Imperial walkers, LSS (mistakenly called lunges), plank, merkins, Demascus’ stretch.  Mosey to the top of the hill (plenty of chatter starting), SSH, American hammers, flutters, runners stretch.

The Thang

Mosey to rear of school, 3 burpees at each light, circle back for the 6.  Mosey to next entrance/exit for Paula Abdul’s with 10 big boy’s, finish at BB hoops.  Mosey back to front of school, considered heading back up the hill but Chicken talked me out of it so we went to do partner work in front of the school.  Timer is one partner around the loop, other partner does plank jacks, gas pumps, merkins, donkey kicks.  2 sets of each/person.  Mosey to COT with <10 seconds left.


11 PAX and hit the 3 mile mark which is pretty good for watchtower.  Great weather and a great group to lead.

Announcements / Closing

CPR this Saturday, 2/26 12:30pm at Crossfit Weddington.  Let Surge know.

SOB Beer Run this weekend.

Q source starts this Friday, check out leadership channel for details.

Site Q-School March 14th, Cuthbertson MS.

Reminder Sundays @ 7:30am Open Door

Mad Dog took us out after I stared at him


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