The Most Important Muscle in the Male Human Body is the ………

The Most Important Muscle in the Male Human Body is the ………

What’s wrong with you people?? Get your mind out of the gutter!! Unbelievable…..

I was invited to Q Asylum knowing I would have to break my no alarm pre 5am rule. Even though I grew up in Waxhaw, this was my first time at this AO, and all I can say is with this group, be forewarned that if you do NOT include Calf stretching with every called exercise, the PAX may hog tie you and throw you to the depths of Lake Chick-Fil-A.  Yeah, very welcoming crew for sure at this AO!  Luckily that didn’t happen, but 17 PAX did put in some hard work and hopefully walked away a little stronger!

Disclaimer given

Mosey towards Target parking lot including Karaoke R/L, Knee Highs, Butt Kickers, Backwards Run, Backwards Knee Highs, Backwards Butt Kickers

Circle up for warmup:

  1. 25 x SSH IC
  2. 15 x IW IC
  3. 15 x Low Slow Merkins to 10 x Mountain Climbers IC
  4. At this point, the Q gets Yelled At “There Better Be Some @#$%@#$# CALF STRETCHES” “WE ALWAYS DO CALF STRETCHES”…. Ummmmmm…. OK…. so we did that Standing (Incorrect) and in the Plank position (Correct). At this point many extra burpees would be added to the planned workout –

Mosey to the rear parking lot corner and stare down the beautiful canopy of trees and asphalt.

Time for some of EE’s infamous Kamikaze Suicides across the entire parking lot.

At first tree, perform 1 Burpee, 1 Bomb Jack, 1 Squat
Backwards Run to Start Line  and 20 x LBC, Flutter, or Dolly
Run to 2nd tree and add 1 to each exercise
Repeat for all 10 trees and once you finish, pick up the 6

Plank work, Superman, Banana while everyone finishes

Mosey back towards BP and stop at intersection to divide in 2 groups.
Reveal 2 x 45lb plates for some team-building Hair Burners all the way back to the AO Start/Stop Sign!
In Between PAX taking turns pushing the plates the rest perform:

20 x SSH
20 x Dying Cockroaches
20 x CDD

Merkin Circle (Not sure why we had issues with this one)
Protractor Circle (Again, issues here)

6 Minutes of Mary:  20 x LBC, 20 x Flutter, 20 x Dolly, 20 x Bicycle, 20 x Rosalitas

5 x Burpees to Finish!


Welcome FNG Grungy! Straight out of Seattle’s Autonomous zone and the only one there wearing a bathing suit. I guess he likes the mesh support. Your call brother!

After the whining about calf stretches, the PAX got after it today.  Strong group that left some serious sweat on the pavement.  The plates seemed to be a crowd pleaser and the Gold Medal goes to Mute who could possibly still be burning and close to the down town Waxhaw water tower by now. Can’t Stop / Won’t Stop!  This is a great AO with a great group of guys and the 2nd F, to say the least, was refreshing to have civil discussions about a very divisive topic – To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, that is the Question.  Face to Face is where true conversations happen and I walked away from that with a better point of view of both sides.  This is how we bring our community and country back together!

Christ’s Closet
Donated goods in a house somewhere – Needs lots of help/trucks/trailers


Thank you for the invite to Q and I plan on returning for sure!

Double E


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