Muggy Monday Morning

Muggy Monday Morning

I was pretty excited to Q this site this morning. This is a big campus and there are many areas to do different things. Chicken Little made sure my beer consumption at the pool Sunday was limited to only 3 so that I would give the guys a good beatdown. It was a muggy morning but the pax all pushed through and got a great workout in to start the week out right.


We moseyed to the front of the middle school

-15 side straddle hops, 15 Imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougans, calf stretch (for Damascus), Runners stretch, merkins’.


From the entrance of the middle school parking lot heading towards the high school we did 11’s of Big Boys and Merkins’ stopping at each light (10 big boys & 1 Merkin’ Next light 9 Big boys 2 merkins and so on)

From there we moseyed over to the the wooden benches behind the high school. There we did 20 dips, then took a lap around the big Geeb Jungle (that’s what it is called on google maps) then we did 20 step ups did another lap and then incline merkins’ then did a final lap. The complaining started here.

We then moseyed over to the steps behind the high school. There we did 10 Mike Tysons, ran down the path Lunge walked to the steps, then ran up the steps and repeated 3 times. The distance of the lunge walks was a little further than I thought. We got a good leg burn from it. We then went to the picnic tables behind the middle school there we did dirkins and step-ups then ran to the nearest out cove come back and repeat. we did 2 sets of those then headed back to COT. on the back path we stopped at each light and did 10 squats. We got to COT did some heels to heaven until the 6 got in then 30 seconds of have a nice day.


A good amount of guys came out today and I was proud to lead them. Thank you Chicken and Rockwell for asking me to do so. Overall we ran about 2.6 miles. I feel we got a good workout. It was great having a visitor Dilly Dilly from Illinois.

Announcements – None other than Gerber will let us know by tonight what if anything is going on for 4th of July.

Prayers, family photo

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