How do you even Name-O-Rama, bro?

How do you even Name-O-Rama, bro?

Woke up ready to go at 430 but my stomach needed extra time to handle its business. Sprinted out of the door, drove through a red light (carefully) and arrived with 45 seconds to spare. The eye balls whenever I roll up in these costumes does not seem to bring joy to people. More people seem puzzled more than anything.

I’m a clown in the sense of trying to make those around me laugh. At least that’s my attempt when I’m in and out of costumes. (Insert being nude makes people laugh jokes). I had to google Dromedary and turns out it’s a one humped camel. Hmmmm…

3 Wise Men? Man i don’t know but it made sense in my head. I think it worked out just fine compared to all the boring workout attire everyone else was wearing. You aren’t focusing on being an idiot enough fellas…

Quick DiCCS given. Let’s roll….


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

• 20 x SSH IC

• 10 x Imperial Squawkers IC

• 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Leg Stretch

Mosey aimlessly for a moment due to relocated buses due to early voting. And it’s Dromedary Time – bottom of the hump, top of the hump and other side of the hump

• 10 x Bomb Jacks

• 10 x Mike Tyson’s

• 20 x Big Boy Situps

Mosey to side road and stop along sidewalk. 1st Homage paid to the site Q in honor of Dana Abs (40sec each)

1. 40 second side plank

2. 40 second side plank

3. 40 second elbow plank

4. 40 x LBCs IC

5. 40 x Plank Jacks IC

6. 40 second side plank

7. 40 second side plank

8. 40 second elbow plank

9. 40 x American Hammer IC

10. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Mosey to small lot and circle up. 2nd Homage. Goodfella’s Burpee Station. 10 burpees a minute for 3 minutes. Barf. That sucks.

Mosey to sidewalk and finish Round 10 of the previous Webb’s. 10 & 40 of:

• Squats / Jump Lunges

• Big Boy Situps / LBCs / 2 x Dry Docks

Thighs are en fuego.

Mosey smaller lot. Grab a Partner & Split Some Fun. Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner two splits

• 100 x Heels to Heaven and we are out of time….

Mosey back to start. A brief round of bicycle and that’s a wrap.

Thanks to Johnny Utah for taking us out!


Another gorgeous morning and I’m stuck inside a hot, hot costume. Maybe less dresses next year and more skirts? Ice9 was asking me about my level of comfort wearing a dress and I would rate it, on a scale of 1 to 10, as “grossly more confident”. It’s not the first time I’ve dressed like a lady and certainly won’t be last. I learned it from my dad and the legacy must live on…

I’m going to continue to focus on Ice9 since he runs out front like he’s late for something every workout. Sometimes into oncoming traffic regardless of safety but you can’t knock the guys hustle. When he shows up, he leaves it all out there and sometimes it’s last night chicken casserole that is left behind. Are you even “Ice9-ing” bro?

I believe he’s posted more in Waxhaw now than in the last 2 years I have been here. He loves working out with his dudes up north but I think he’s finally come around to our sarcasm/stupidity. Maybe that’s wishful thinking but more importantly…

What is happening with the way Ice9 does Name-o-Rama? Kurt Myers. Ice9. 49. Nope. Are we, Waxhaw, alone in the fact this makes zero logical sense? I am usually gasping for air by the time we are back to COT and I’m supposed to remember to say the nickname in-between and not his age? Nah son. This has got to stop. Pass it on.

Thanks for letting me lead again fellas. We are at the halfway mark and I’m so scared for my body for the next 3 posts. Kill me now.


• Special Friday workout/convergence. Bring your favorite costume and some awesome energy. We got something special planned.

• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

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