Flash Backblast

Flash Backblast

Dicc’s given Mosey around to front of middle school for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 imperial walkers

Calf stretches

14 x Plank jacks

The Thang

Head over to the path behind the middle school for Paula Abdul’s. Run up 2 lights and complete 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Run back 1 light and complete 10 Speed skaters.  Repeat up 2 back 1 all the way to transporters shed.

Since we are at transporters shed…let’s go ahead and knock out 10 mike Tysons.

Mosey over to high school parking lot for burpee ladder.  Run across lot to island and complete 1 burpee, run back across lot to island and complete 2 burpees.  Zig zag across parking lot increasing by 1 burpee at every island you pass.  Ended up with 9 burpees at the last island.  This one was a fan favorite.

Mosey to front of middle school. (stop and do some more mike Tysons on the way).  At the front of the middle school complete 20 dips at the bench and then complete a half lap around the parking lot.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

Take the long way back to COT around the back of the middle school. Stop and do a couple more Mike Tysons on the way.  Back at COT just in time.

The Moleskin

Great job for all those that attended. thanks for pushing yourselves and allowing me to lead you.


  • Lawson has an official 5k on Thursday morning.  Known as the greatest 5k in all of Union County.  This is usually the most attended and most competitive race of the year in this town.  It is a can’t miss event!! You’d be foolish not to attend.
  • Millbridge has a 3.1 mile jog Thursday.
  • Friday – Holiday hours – Workout starts at 6:30am.
  • Flag football game at Elon Park on Thursday 7:00am.
  • Smithers – VQ at Watchtower tomorrow
  • Rudy – on Q at Bushwood tomorrow
  • Dec. 14 – Downtown cleanup immediately following Commitment
  • Dec. 7th – Effies.
  • Mad Dog has the finest gloves ever created for ones hands.  Please DM him for details on what you are missing out on.

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!!

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