The Charles Bronson

The Charles Bronson

From the gravel lot run to BB&T bank.

You find a lot of good ideas on the F3 Exicon. For today’s WOD, I give you the The Charles Bronson.

At starting point, perform 50 SSH’s, sprint around the bank bear crawling the last 10 yards. Repeat with 50 ‘Mericans, 50 burpees, 50 LBC’s. Finish with 50 Jump Squats. We repeated the cycle with 25 of each exercise. Simple, but definitely not easy.

On the way home, with a minute left, we heard the train whistle. A few dropped for the required burpees, but the clock saved us from any real work.


Strong work by all, no lolligaggers in the crew.

I fell, aside from scrapes I’m fine.

Sign up for the holiday party.

I’m not sure why getting this BB done so early is a thing, but hey I’m a team player. You’re welcome.

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2 years ago

Well done! The Charles Bronson is no joke!!

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