Dromedary WAMRAP

Dromedary WAMRAP

21 Pax (18 Men, 1 Teenager, 2 “Young’ens”) showed up today for the Monthly Wednesday AMRAP at Marvin Ridge High School. The temperature was great, but was a bit more humid than what we have experienced lately. No need to worry about it…just work.

Disclaimer and Safety instructions given at 5:29am, cranked up the new Playlist on the Bluetooth speaker, then head toward the Track and Cafeteria area. Lanterns and chalk-marked stations were already set out (thanks to the help on my 2.0’s), so grab a Lifting Rock for 2 of the 7 stations and drop them. Time for a quick warm-up…SSH + Quad Stretch + Low Slow Squat + Peter Parkers.


Here is what this quarter’s course and (7) Stations look like:

  1. Box Jumps/Step-ups x 20
  2. Merkins x 20
  3. Bicep Curls x 20
  4. Big Boy Sit-ups x 20
  5. Tricep Extensions x 20
  6. Heels-to-Heaven x 20
  7. 1 x Burpee per # Laps Completed


Everyone worked very hard today, and it is clear that the Pax is getting stronger, faster, more fit every month. The numbers have improved and there isn’t much of a gap anymore:

Dasher takes today’s title with 6.0 Laps completed! Nice work, brother. You crushed it!

Centerfold = 5.4 Laps

Hawkeye (2.0) = 5.4 Laps (his first AMRAP experience)

Jingles = 5.2 Laps

Honeycomb = 5.2 Laps

Garbage Plate (2.0) = 5.2 Laps

Flash (2.0) = 5.2 Laps (tried to catch his older brother!)

Soft Pretzel = 5.1 Laps

The Knish = 5.0 Laps

Pocahontas = 5.0 Laps

Dana = 5.0 Laps

Johnny Utah = 5.0 Laps

Illiterate = 5.0 Laps

Lazy Boy = 5.0 Laps

Goodfella = 5.0 Laps

Das Boot = 4.6 Laps

Bratwurst = 4.5 Laps

Carb Load = 4.5 Laps (awesome work by a guy in his 2nd week or so)

The Grease Monkey = 4.4 Laps

Legalized = 4.2 Laps

Endo = 4.1 Laps


As you can see, there were many guys in the 5.0-6.0 laps completed range today (15 of the 21 Pax!). That is incredible work, fellas. YHC unintentionally played some mind games after telling everyone there was about 5 minutes remaining while I was on the back stretch, then realizing it was about 30 seconds when I got back to the start! Brutal! My apologies, fellas.

Either way, I know you all crushed it and I know we will see many guys hit the 6.0+ laps range in July. The record for the current course is 6.1 laps, so let’s get it!

It’s always a pleasure to lead this group of men. I’m encouraged to see the consistency in attendance, with weekly averages of ~20! That’s awesome. Keep working hard, inviting some FNG’s, and branching out to other AO’s if you only attend Dromedary.


Fixin’ it for Christ opportunity coming soon. Please talk to Jingles if you can serve at all.

Feelers are out for an additional AO/workout in the Marvin Ridge area. Targeting Sandy Ridge Elementary, Rea View Elementary, or another at MRHS. With our growth, it seems feasible to plant and grow another. Stay tuned…

Rockwell on Q at The Arsenal at Indian Land Elementary tomorrow. Some guys are planning to support him and our brothers across the boarder!

Thanks to YHC’s 2.0, Flash, for taking us out in prayer. Sorry to Johnny Utah for Flash jumping in over you!

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