Hi WAMRAP, Abe Froman here

ByFlipper Apr 21, 2021

YHC had been haranguing Transporter to come be part of the 'Rap for several weeks, and was confident today was the day he would show up.  Sure e

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New Company… Who Dis?

ByFlipper Apr 14, 2021

***Ghostwritten for Alf as he is "too busy" to write backblasts.  Come on man, its not like you just entered the world of self employment... oh

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You Got It

ByHorsehead Apr 7, 2021

Who Dat: TR, EE, HH, Beetlejuice Knowing the tradition of being assigned the Q upon inquiry via the WAMRAP Slack channel, I attempted a foo

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Glassy McGlasserson

ByOrange Whip Mar 31, 2021

Sup homies.   Wednesday morning came and went and 9 dudes came out to the gnarliest Wednesday workout that is only as bad as you want

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Return to form: a WAMRAP story

ByFlipper Mar 24, 2021

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, WAMRAP doesn't do backblasts.  The south-lands most reputable "off the books" workout has enjoyed its time in the shadow

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Better Late Than Never

ByIronsides Oct 28, 2020

I don't Q much and therefore tend to forget to post backblasts.  So here goes, a week late. 5 men posted for an Ironsides-led WAMRAP last Wed

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The olde faithful

ByAlf Feb 26, 2020

A few of the regulars for WAMRAP were out of town but the Kirchoff Krew never disappoints and posted to join me on a mild morning for a not so mi

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Getting in the way of the 6AM shift at Whole Foods

ByAlf Jan 8, 2020

Start of WAMRAP 2020 today.  Come join us if you want to get better.  Here's what we did today. Run to back of Whole Foods. Lunge Walk 25

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Backwards running up stairs is a dumb idea.

ByAlf Nov 13, 2019

A nice cold front makes for good WAMRAP weather.  7 men showed this morning to prove that out. Disclaimer - oops.  With the temps all PAX g

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Stair Masters of the Universe

ByWildTurkey Oct 2, 2019

WODhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olZUnp04JwARun to parking deck (the less crowded/cleaner one)Rd#1 - Stairway burpee to topRun down rampsRd#2

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