THE Challenge

THE Challenge

New faces, different tunes…but unfortunately for the 11 Pax that found the courage to show, the Day Zero Challenge remained the same…hard exercises with high reps, alternating between upper body, lower body and core, and a 1/3 mile run in between each one. You vs You.

The Thang

See the picture for the list of exercises.


Radar gave the countdown to 0700 and at the top of the hour the Pax launched into the 100 burpees.  About 2 minutes in, he uttered encouragement to the Pax…”100 burpees…such a defeating way to start.”  Yep…and the rest of the list offers no consolation…it just keeps on bringing the pain.

Strong effort by all the men this morning…including several guys new to the Challenge.  Come back in a couple of months and see how you’ve progressed.

Congratulations all around at the end.  Ball of man with a great takeout prayer by Long Distance.


  • Still slots available for the 3/14 GRC.
  • Contact Baracus and HC for BRR.
  • Join Cheese Curd in doing all 3 Spartan races in 2014.

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10 years ago

Fartsack Saturday 1, Bugeater 0 #noexcuses

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