Three Ring Circus

Three Ring Circus

The shovel flag was planted on a beautiful Saturday morning at Colonel Francis Beatty Park and 13 F3 Dads took to the field with many 2.0s in tow. All to enjoy a few fun-filled activities to help everyone break a sweat. It may not have been the greatest show on Earth, but there were rings, animals, and acrobatics in this one.

Seal Jacks x 20
Imperial walker x 20
Squats x 20
Burpees x 5

Animal Version of Red Light, Green Light
Bear crawl
Crab walk
Flying wolverine
Gorilla walk

Amoeba/Chain Tag – Like freeze tag – person(s) that are “it” tag others, who then join in chains until all are captured. Kids “it” first, then Dads.

Hula Hoop Pass – circle up and join hands. Pass hoop around circles without breaking the circle.

Obstacle Course (4 obstacles made up of dads, kids run the course)
Obstacles 1&2 – dads in plank position, Obstacle 3 – dads standing spaced apart, Obstacle 4 – dads in crouch position
Sprint to Obstacle 1 – army crawl under dads in plank position
Sprint to Obstacle 2 – jump over dads in plank position
Sprint to Obstacle 3 – run between dads
Sprint to Obstacle 4 – leap frog over dads
Sprint to finish

Circle Chase – break into 4 groups
Group selects one person to be “it”
Group gets in a tight circle, holding hands
Put a towel over one persons shoulder
Person who is “it” tries to get the towel, while the group moves together to keep it away.
Rinse and repeat so all have a chance to be “it” – or when you’re ready to stop.

Naked Moleskinpollock-ring-master
Some games are just better suited for the kids. In an animal themed version of Red light, Green light several 2.0s were appointed to be traffic cop. Several dads were fooled multiple times, called out by the 2.0s, and sent back to start again. For the hula hoop pass, all 34 pax circled up and did a fantastic job, although it did be l just a little awkward for Bulldog and YHC holding hands for the entire game. The obstacle course was a hit, but it is still unclear who got the harder workout, it did begin to feel just a little awkward for of mumblechatter from the planks while the 2.0s had a grand ole time. Overall it was a great day with all having a great time, while most even broke a sweat. Mission accomplished!

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