South Charlotte

Pre-Season Conditioning

ByRecalculating Nov 11, 2019

So I knew that I signed up for Q on or around Veterans Day but after doing the Vagabond on Saturday my system shut down and I didn't want to thi

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You had one job …

ByHoover Nov 11, 2019

YHC has lived in Charlotte for 4 years. During that time blood has thinned, there has been a noticeable decrease in consumption of good italian

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ByDoughBoy Nov 9, 2019

Every day, we each get an opportunity to step up and help someone whether it was the great group of guys who stepped up to load the Christ Closet

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But we already did Mike Tyson’s

ByDeflated Nov 8, 2019

Picture this: Three clowns driving away from Watchtower after a pretty solid beatdown. Clown one: "Man, this knee injury isn't all bad, I to

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Bring back my patio

ByBrexit Nov 8, 2019

4 Prerunners on the hills, 2 on the flats. Shout out to One Niner and General for pushing me to run the hills, and One Niner for slowing his pac

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Coupon Webb

ByChastain Nov 8, 2019

Moleskin: A moleskin is a fabric that's used to prevent or treat injury. In the backblast its an opportunity to wax poetic about the events o

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Chasing the Gopher

ByGeraldo Nov 8, 2019

YHC pulled into the parking lot with a few minutes to spare where I found Slim Fast and Sensei back from the Slim Fast 5k looking pretty warm

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Centurion FAMRAP

ByMermaid Nov 8, 2019

PAX: Brilleaux, Lorax, Champagne, Thunder Road, Mr. Magoo, Snuka, Bout Time, Fallout, Tagalong, Lambeau, Mermaid 11 men posted for a Centurio

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Sparta – 11/7/2019

ByJoker Nov 7, 2019

Pax - Joker, Gypsy, Arena, Cage, Christmas, Full House, Retread Workout: 5ish miles of running, with a few LBC, merkins, squats, dollys, flut

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Preblast: Centurion FAMRAP

ByMermaid Nov 7, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, A51 Nantan, Alf, brought a taste of WAMRAP (Wednesday As Many Reps As Possible) to Centurion. It was brutal. A swift kick

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