South Charlotte


ByWildTurkey Aug 10, 2019

12 Men ran to through grass to Publix. Hats off to pre-runners Happy Meal, Wild Turkey, Atlas, Bounty Hunter and Cul-de-Sac. 2+ miles of ext

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My Body is a Wonderland

ByZinfandel Aug 10, 2019

Why must I sign up to Q after a long weekend or a late night. Maybe I will never learn but for my 27th I had to explain my wife that I couldn’t

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Here’s your stupid backblast

BySemi-Gloss Aug 10, 2019

11 or so pax came out for the makings of a dumpster fire. I am sending this from my phone so pax listed here. Stipe, motorboat, Spacklepuddingl

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A flute with no holes is not a flute, a donut with no hole is a danish. An Impromptu Q with no Backblast is Bushwood

ByFoundation Aug 9, 2019

17 Pax joined YHC were on the tracks for a train ride around Cuthberston. With Pax showing up Zin sees the portable speaker and shrugs shoulder

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Feels like the first time

ByBottlecap Aug 9, 2019

So a week ago I went to my first Clyent Dinner. There was only three of us and the weather was ideal, so when Bottle Cap said that I could (shou

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The Hydra Games.

ByHIPAA Aug 8, 2019

8-8-19 A band of 26 highly-trained, professional #HIMs laid down their arms to engage in peaceful competition at the First Annual Hydra Games


No Burpee Train. Shew!

ByRockwell Aug 8, 2019

The PAX: Shake N Bake, Kid Rock, Gerber, Dasher, Goodfella, Twinkle Toes, Zinfandel, Rudy, Show Girl, Brutus, Fuse Box, Dana, Bottle Cap, Hollyw

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Weird Playlist

ByBooyah Aug 7, 2019

Normally I just search some random "yoga" playlist on Amazon music and fire it up before Gumby but I had some time Wednesday night and came up w

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Its Dromedary AMRAP Time

ByDana Aug 7, 2019

21 Pax showed up today for the new AMRAP at Marvin Ridge High School.  Disclaimer and Safety instructions given at 5:29am followed by a

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All aboard…F3 Waxhaw is officially up and running!!

ByZinfandel Aug 7, 2019

Usually, when a group separates to form it's own group, that's a sign of trouble. But F3 doesn't operate that way. We celebrate when others lead.

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