South Charlotte

I want to take a little trip somewhere – Appetizer State Capitals

ByDrive By Jun 10, 2021

Warm Up A mosey to the unknow trail did some stretching, and mosey to the rock pile to get a rock. Then a short rifle carry back to the US M

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Why do they call it AC/DC Radio if there’s no AC/DC?

ByVoodoo Jun 9, 2021

5 pax circled up at Calvary on Saturday for the latest edition of Olympus. With 4 vets and 1 site FNG, a full disclaimer was provided. Warm-up

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There will be Blo—Vomit!

ByTonyatine Jun 9, 2021

Nineteen Pax (including one FNG) joined YHC for a good old fashioned sweat fest at Dromedary. No time for small talk as we had a couple of Pax sc

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Mid Week Release

ByPaper Jam Jun 9, 2021

9 PAX with mats, one matching it with his socks, found their way around the playground in Milbridge for F3Prickle & Goo. Dynamic stretchin

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The Scary Tuning Fork

ByLorax Jun 9, 2021

Twas a muggy morning at Bagpipe.  It felt like it needed to rain but didn't.  I don't think I have been back since the last time I Q'd, so prob

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A Salute to DDAY

BySchedule C Jun 7, 2021

On June 6, 1944 - the day Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation. Allied airborn

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That Was Aggresive

ByGerber Jun 7, 2021

Days come, days go.  Birthday's come, birthdays go. YHC has always tried to Q on his birthday but this year it fell on Sunday so.... Luck

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#ThriveChallenge Pre-Blast June 2021

ByHair Band Jun 7, 2021

  Tomorrow, Tuesday 6/8, is the return of the Thrive Challenge! The Thrive Challenge is always a different F3 workout, no cadence, no

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MOIST – Flash BB

ByGhosted Jun 7, 2021

DISCS WARM-UP * Mosey lap around CMS Front Parking Circle * 20 Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *20 Imperial Walkers *Plank P

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Ultimate with 2.0s

ByRaven-WXW Jun 6, 2021

I saw someone organized a game of Ultimate Frisbee a few weeks ago and I said to myself, self, Ultimate Frisbee  would be a great fit for The Ap

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