South Charlotte

What Does Being a R-E-S-P-E-C-T Mean?

ByGerber May 26, 2021

So before we get to the workout, yesterday YHC texted Chastain to make sure he was ready for today.  He responded that he hurt himself at the be

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Go Around Back

ByPaper Jam May 26, 2021

9 PAX found their way to the airnaisum. We came, we stretched, we conquered. Those who opine that our flexibility style AO (which is now in

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Skunks got no rhythm.

ByHops May 25, 2021

The kettlebell has a long, storied and misunderstood past; but a bright future....all evidence to the contrary this morning.  After Cage watered


Armpit of the Nation

ByBaio May 25, 2021

I’ve heard it said that you shouldn’t discipline your kids when you’re angry.  Perhaps that a bit of what I had going on this morning.  L

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Sweatin to the 90’s Grunge

ByTonyatine May 25, 2021

Yesterday YHC took the lloonngg trek from the Bushwood/Marvin country club to Flash/Cuthbertson to say hey to some old friends and maybe pull off

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Ignition Back Blast -Tour de Champion Forest Mail Box Mania

ByGhosted May 25, 2021

Ignition Back Blast 5-24-2021 DISCS Warmup  Mosey 0.25 miles to circle behind CHS 15 side strattle hops, 15 Moroccan night clubs,

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Base Camp via Death Valley

ByGeraldo May 25, 2021

When YHC pulled into the parking lot several pax were already gathered, chatting it up some. Sardine greeted me first, I hadn't seen him in some

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14th Anniversary Edition @ The Lycan

ByDunkin May 24, 2021

Quotes from the Gloom (heard at various times throughout the workout): "I was so excited, I read the constitution early this morning!" -Poss

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Flash Backblast

ByChicken Little May 24, 2021

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff Warm Up Mosey around side lot to front of middle school 15 SSH 10 Imperial Walkers

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