da Vinci

appreciate The Gloom

ByBucky Mar 10, 2018

Thanks for the attendance and effort today. We took steps to cure soccer arms, burned our legs, and out in some mileage. I kicked my own butt as

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Folsom Hill

ByGoonie Mar 6, 2018

11 of Ballantyne's finest decided that a 35-degree Saturday morning was a beautiful time to arise and embrace the suck. With visions of post-wor

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Belated Ode to DaVinci

BySoft Pretzel Feb 20, 2018

My sincere apologies for the delayed BackBlast.  Without further ado... Disclaimer given to the 8 familiar faces and mosey across the way to

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Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”.

ByHops Feb 10, 2018

9 Saturday morning fartsack forsakers mustered in the red glow of the Chick-Fil-A neon for another edition of Da Vinci.  We got to an even 10 wh

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No beer=small crowd :(

ByDoc McStuffins Jan 27, 2018

9 of SOBs finest resisted the temptation to go drink beer with Mr Bean before breakfast. Happy Birthday Mr Bean!. I had expectations of a small c

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Just working hard

ByFrasier Jan 20, 2018

Seven men gathered at the Chick Fil A parking lot for DaVinci.  Two people sat in their cars like pole position at the start of the drive thru w


DaVinci is now a toddler

ByBucky Jan 13, 2018

2 year anniversary of daVinci attracted eager 33 Pax (convergence with Stonehenge). 18 months ago it was sometimes just 3-5 folks (may have been

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Some Cheddar melt on a cold Da Vinci morning

ByCheddar Dec 19, 2017

10 men tried to stay warm on a cold (high 20s) morning. 2 ran away fearing the verst and ran into the cold. Word is they(Tolkien+Tuck) sneaked in


“I have nothing else planned…”

ByTuck Dec 9, 2017

5 BFF's posted at #F3daVinci on a wet and near-freezing morning and built a ladder high enough to reach the tallest Christmas tree. Thang M

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By the beard of Zeus!

Bywingman Dec 2, 2017

After a considerable amount of site scope work yesterday a new way was paved to (tamar)Ron Burgundy segment on strava. This is a hidden gem, but

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