Save the legs

Save the legs

This workout was scientifically designed to help the PAX get maximum enjoyment from the SOBeer run scheduled for later today. How? Leave the legs reasonably fresh and target the upper body with functional strength building basic gymnastic movements. 

The Thing:

Warm up: SSH, IW, arm circles, and merkins. 

Partner up. One partner does 10 merkins while the other runs. Tag/change until reaching the rockpile at the montessori school. Partner 1 gets a large rock. Partner 2 gets two equally sized smaller rocks. Called exercise in cadence, partners alternating rocks each round:

-guys with small rocks do flappy bird (side lateral raise) – alternating palms down and forward

-guys with big rocks do tricep extension, sumo bent over row, curl + press

Mosey to playground

In teams of 3. One guy holds an L hang while the other two wheelbarrow the length of the playground, flapjack and return. The wheelbarrow team can only move when the guy is holding the L hang.  

Then, a series of pain stations. Pax alternate through the pain stations, with the timekeeper dictating when to move to the next station being the PAX doing the burpees. 

-(timekeeper) 25 burpees

-toes to bar/knees to chest



-incline merkins

Mosey back to the montessori school parking lot for a few rounds of Mary – flutter, LBC, and Chopper’s painfully slow count Rosalita (ouch!).

Mosey to first parking lot at Blakeney for some merkin variations (wide arm, Hindu)

Mosey to the playground at Blakeney. Each PAX does 5 clean pull ups. PAX waiting for the bar do dips & negative merkins using the slides to fully extend the chest muscles.

Mosey to the Best Buy wall for 5 reps of PAX choice of either handstand pushups or balls 2 wall. Repeato for a second round. 

Mosey back to base and Mary to time.



I learned something today. If your weinke has an If-Then statement, it might be better to simplify the plan. In any event, the PAX left with reasonably fresh legs for today’s SOBeer run, and if we did it right, some very sore upper body muscles on deck for tomorrow. Great to have Posse and Landfill join and collect passport challenge stamps. Chopper killed it on handstand pushups, channeling his inner Vince Vaugh. Rudy grit through an injury to crank out the workout. Midriff had a variation of “toes to bar” that made me want to find a helmet for him. Olaf took us out with some powerful words about right and wrong, and the need to stand up and say “I don’t agree, this is wrong” even where doing so has a cost. Amen my friend. Thanks for having me lead today men.



-Posse invited all interested in improving their Q skills to join the Q-school to be held on Monday, March 14th at Cuthbertson Middle School 5:30 to 6:15am (park in the Left lot). 

-Posse plugged the Rooster relay marathon event in Rock Hill, which frankly sounds really cool. The event is open to all, not just F3 men. The pre blast is here.

-Soft Pretzel handed the shovel flag to YHC as a new site Q for Da Vinci. Thank you Soft Pretzel for your leadership at Da Vinci over the past several years! You’ve impacted many of us by encouraging us to step up and lead workouts and join in F3 events.

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