It’s a Hard [Rock] Life for Us

It’s a Hard [Rock] Life for Us

Exactly a year ago I q’d a rock-themed workout at Da Vinci. Why not run it back??

Props to One Niner for the pre-run. Disclaimer and we’re off to the CFA parking lot for a warmup.

Rock Pile #1 (behind the auto shop, next to the apartment building)

  • 10 curls (in cadence) and 10 heavy humpers (air humpers with rock) x 3 sets –> Quizzical look from an innocent bystander as to why a group of men were circled up thrusting rocks in the air from their lower torsos
  • 10 ground pounders (in cadence) and 10 heavy freddies (freddie mercury with a rock) x 3 sets
  • To Failure: Curls, then ground pounders once you can’t do any more curls
  • Mosey doing 10 jump ups by the fountain, al gore and mountain climbers on way to next rock pile

Rock Pile #2 (nail salon parking lot)

  • 7’s with a rock: 6¬†merkins, bear crawl push the rock to the other side and do 1 squat with the rock, carry the rock back across. 5 merkins with right arm on the rock, bear crawl push the rock to the other side for 2 rock squats. Continue until 1 merkin and 6 squats. LBC’s with rock until the 6 is in.
  • People’s chair with rock overhead, bring rock down and then out in front with arms straight (in cadence), 10 flutter kicks with rock (in cadence) x 3 sets
  • Rocks down, take a quick lap around the parking lot. Realize that we don’t have enough time to make it to Rock Pile #3 (by the Montessori school), so stick with same rock pile for last set

Same rock pile, new exercises

  • 25 tricep extensions with rock
  • Play a little game of rock scissors paper: Choose a partner. Both in plank position. Play rock scissors paper. Each round: loser does 1 Rockee (burpee with a rock), winner does 1 Merkin. Stay in plank and play 10 total rounds. Every tie, both do a Merkin.
  • To Failure: Shoulder press, then flutter kick with rock press once you can’t do any more shoulder press
  • Mosey back to launch. Stopping for 10 merkins (in cadence) by AT&T parking lot while I scoped the 5k finish line to see if we could dash through it on our way back


  • One Niner nearly shattered the glass during People’s chair with a rock. Sigh of relief when he clanged that rock against the brick wall. Props to One Niner for the 2.5 mile prerun
  • This Omnicron’s first indian/native american/first nations run. Congratulations
  • Jerry World must have a twisted mind because he really enjoyed this workout. Probably more than I did, considering how sore I am feeling the day after
  • Gilbert wins the award for heaviest rock and consistently pushing for the most reps to failure, followed not far behind by Jerry World.
  • Teddy’s a silent killer at these workouts, save for the few gasps of exasperation towards the end of the workout. That’s when I know it’s been a good q.
  • Was hoping we could crash the 5k by going all-you-got through the finish line and douse each other in gatorade. Hopes were dashed when I realized we were running into hundreds of eager 5kers making their way from the finish line (in front of the new gym in Blakeney) to the starting line (next to Old navy). Not gonna lie, it felt very satisfying running against traffic, 5 minutes away from reprieve knowing that these suckers still had to run their own races that lay ahead of them.
  • Someone pointed out that Gilbert was the only one wearing an F3 shirt, so I guess we missed out on a marketing opportunity. Maybe we should just always work out with at least 1 SOB shovel flag..

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Memorial Day Murph at The Body Shop: Firestarter converging for that
  • YHC shared how important moments in COT are to our mental and spiritual well-being. Sacred spaces to ask for help, share burdens with each other and be grateful for the blessings we have
  • Pray for Kirby’s sister in law who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the mouth
  • Pray for my sister Rachel and her battle with bipolar. Pray for her husband Mike
  • YHC took us out in prayer

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