Celebrity couples got nothing on F3

Celebrity couples got nothing on F3

First there was Brangelina, then Kimye, Bennifer, TomKat and who could forget Billary. All good celebrity couples have a conjoined name. One expects no less from SOBLand’s premier and most popular AOs. Thus today, I declare a new power couple in the life of the F3 community. SwiftPipe. – Flipper says “I hereby swear I had no foreknowledge of said AO re-naming nor shall YHC commit to honoring said dubbing.  Should SOB choose to enact vengeance upon he who so besmirched said AO’s good name, let the record say YHC abstained from the subject entirely.”

In other news, 32ish pax gathered to start a Tuesday morning off with the DRP. With a few pre-runners trickling in YHC disclaimed a fairly unruly group. Swift departs with a few Bagpipe pre-runners in tow down to Rushmore Drive. As Flipper peeled off to go meet the 5:30 bootcamp crew the attendees of Swift followed one Udder-ly terrific guy to the Bull Ring. – Flipper says “YHC was thoroughly amused by the chorus of ‘bye flipper” when peeling off at the bull ring to jaunt, nay sprint to the launch.  Bagpipers were less amused by my less than early arrival, the Q search was almost at an end and a Qtiny brewing when I puffed in and weezed my way through a disclaimer.  Crisis thus averted….”

Swift Thang
Dynamic stretches of various shapes and sizes. Much lamenting for anything resembling a traditional bootcamp exercise. The soccer arms and soft hands were safe another day.
Yasso 800’s – YHC asked the pax to calculate a marathon pace of their choosing. We divided up into 3:00, 3:30, 4:00 and 4:15 pace groups. Run 800 at pace. Recover jog at pace. Repeato until 6:05ish. Ready, Set. Go! Several got to 7, most to 5 and a few to 4.
Mosey on back to the start for a quick round of Mary. Cause core is not a bore.

Bagpipe Thang
YHC arose early to provide a gear driven beat down, but at the last minute diverted to method which would provide more scenery, if mildly less brute force.Mosey down past the Wells Fargo ATM to circle up in the Courtyard-adjacent parking lot for COP

  • SSH X15 IC
  • LSSX15 IC
  • LSMX10 IC

Mosey to the fork in the sidewalks near the fitness trail, divide in twain.  Group 1 runs down for 10 pull ups and returns to plank while group 2 runs to the first patio for wall-tar-jai and the second wall for burpee jump ups, return to fork and flapjack. Upon return of group 1, group 2 runs again for wall tap sit ups and burpee jump ups, group 1 journeys to the trail again for pull ups and dips X10. Parallel Indian run back past the launch (don’t get run over) and pause at the traffic circle. Divide in Twain once more for a jaunt to the Duckworths lot and back while other group plank-jacks.   Little bit o’ Mary (HTH & Low Slow Fluttah) Mosey to the bottom of the deck and split evenly yet once more for…Group 1 Balls to wall while group 2 stair suicides to 1, then 2, then 3… Flapjack. Group 1 heel tap peoples chair while group 2 suicides… until the actual time registers and Q calls an audible to return to base. Rejoin the sifters for…. Mary? Clearly Udder doesn’t know Swift is only a cardio thang but who cares. Out

Swift: There are some wicked fast dudes in F3, but we already knew that. About a month ago I offered up my services to play “rabbit” to the greyhounds. Bratwurst had a place for me and my fate was sealed. Thanks for putting up with my 20 year old memory of HS and College track workouts. I enjoyed the time with other runners as most of my runs occur in the afternoon solo. I will def be out for more running workouts as I know y’all can only help me to get stronger and faster. Until next time.

Bagpipe:YHC had never posted Bagpipe when Tagalong suggested a Q stop… sounded awesome to me.  This crew is TOUGH.  We covered almost 2.5 miles while working some oft disused muscles in our drive to get swole instead of swift.  YHC will happily return in the near future to either dish, or be dished upon, as the PAX have absolutely 0 quit.  Thanks to the site Qs for the opportunity, always a pleasure to visit our SOB brethren.

Announcements: Joe Davis – March 9th 2019

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