The launch of the 3-headed dog

The launch of the 3-headed dog

Official launch day at Cerberus.  I was planning the Q around a big crowd and a big crowd came.  41 men posted which was quite a bit in 23 degrees, but I figure a bunch of guys missed on on Wednesday and Thursday workouts and had some downpainment to make up.

All right – official disclaimer mentioned something about black ice, white ice, and various shades in between.  Off we went.  Circle up around Whole Foods for some quick COP.

IW, Mt. Climbers, Merkins and Lunges.

Mosey around the credit union an grab some railing.

Supine pull-ups on railing IC.  Followed by Derkins, with feet on railing IC.


Apparently this is the shady side of the plaza and there was still plenty of snow.  If your gloves sucked, you weren’t too happy with me right now.

Mosey back to the parking deck.  Because, well, it’s a parking deck so we have to use it.

Run to the top.  Backwards up the ramps, forwards on the flats.  At the end of each ramp do 10 Jump Squats.  At the end of each flat do 10-hip slappers each side.  Peoples chair while we wait on the six.

Mosey to stairwell 2.  Break up in each direction.  Run down each stairwell, 10 8-Count Body Builders at the bottom.  Back up and do 10 Romanian Dead-lifts (each leg) at the top. Hit all 3 stairwells and meet back at the middle.  Some People’s chair with air-presses while we wait on the six.

Mosey back down the deck.  On the bottom ramp pick a parking lot line and plank up for a merkin ladder.  10 merkins civilian count.  Plank walk left one spot.  9 merkins.  Plank walk right one spot, 8 merkins.  Repeat to 1 merkin.

Repeat run to top with backwards up ramp, straight on flats and 10 jump squats after each ramp.  Skip the hip slappers.  People’s chair waiting for the six.

Down the steps an to the turf field.  Snowed over so circle around for some Mary.

Freddy Mercury, LBC’s with leg lifts, Dolly, and Flutter.

Head to launch and done.


Always a fun challenge to manage a large group and today was no different.  Tried my best to keep things moving while keeping the leaders and the 6 all together.  I was surprised by the amount of snow still left on that upper tier of the parking deck.  Good excuse to limit the planking and burn up the quads with some wall sits.

I am thankful for the leadership in all the local regions for pulling this together and for Transporter and Argonaut pulling me in to help get this thing going.  Tons of potential and easy to get to for a lot of guys.  If you haven’t been out there yet, give it a try.  And if things continue this way, we will likely have a few other days out at that AO and use it heavily like The Vine and South Charlotte Middle.

Announcements:  The Brave moving locations to Brazwell’s to change the AO a bit.  That either means they need a mile warm-up to get back to The Vine or they want to spend more time on Murderhorn.

New workout in Waxhaw starting Feb 1.

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout.



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