Party Crashers

Party Crashers

It was a refreshing, clear morning with temperatures in the high 50’s.  Yes, in the 50’s!  We started with a small group of around 5-6 Pax and took a casual mosey around the front of the middle school.  We were relaxed and enjoying some light banter.  Next this intimate group circled up for some warmup exercises.

THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! 16 cars came rolling into the parking lot all at once!  It was the IPC relay crew.  They exited their vehicles swiftly and quickly joined in.  NOW IT WAS A PARTY!

Off we went!  Here is what went down:

Run down to the end of sidewalk stopping at each light pole for 5 Bobby Hurley’s

Grab some wall

30 Air Press in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

30 Jabs in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Run to other traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Repeat x 3

Mosey to the benches – Dips then run along sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups

30 of each, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.

Mosey to Parking lot for some planks and sprints

Mosey to the front of the school to the benches

10 Derkins – 2 laps – 10 Derkins – 2 laps

Indian run back to COT.


Great work by all PAX this morning!  A shout out to several guys that were showing off their sprinting skills!  Shriver crushed the first sprint which inspired some others to take on the challenge.  Zinfandel won the 2nd round!  Who knew Zin had wheels like that??  Great job.  The next 2 rounds were highlighted by Chatter Box and Schneider.  Awesome job!


  • IPC at Weddington Middle School tomorrow
  • Convergence this Monday. 6:30 am Celebrating 2-year anniversary.  2 boot camps, MASH and a 5k run.  2nd F afterwards.  Park in the high school lot.
  • 1st annual F3 cookout – Sunday, October 3rd at Five Stones Church. Open to all F3 men and their families.

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