Burn Out

Burn Out


My call this  Q is to everyone who has not led a workout.  You may think it is hard to step in front of men and tell them what to do but this is the greatest leadership opportunity put in front of you to learn how to stand tall in front of a group and lead them.  They will follow, maybe with some complaining, but they will do whatever you step up to try.  Get on a list, I happened to be on two lists yesterday but I would have rather been in that situation than not leading at all.  Seventeen Pax showed up for Asylum, the question is who is keeping the keys.

The Thang

Mosey to Petsmart for some warmup

  • Side Straddle Hop X 20
  • Old Grampa Jacks X 20
  • Moroccan Night Club X 10
  • Mountain Climbers X 20
  • Calf Stretch
  • Low Slow Squat

Mosey to the Rock Pile by City Hall

  • Burn Out
  • 21 Curls, run, 20 Tricep extensions
  • Repeat till you get to 1

Mosey to the court in the neighborhood

  • Alternate 10 Drydock and 5 merkins each driveway on the left
  • On the way back, alternate 5 Big Boy Situps, 10 LBC’s

Mosey Back to COT and backward lung till time is up


Prayers for the craziness in the world in Afghanistan, for the lives lost of our soldiers protecting the freedom of those who wanted to leave and from Hurricane Ida victims.  The freedom we all enjoy was not and never is free.   Thank you to those of the PAX that have sacrificed to ensure we can all join together and share our opinions.


IRON PAX at Weddington Middle

Non-Iron Pax Q at Commitment on Saturday

Flanders on Q Thursday at Aspen

Watchtower is staying at Weddington Middle

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