What The Hell Is A Starfish?

What The Hell Is A Starfish?

And for my 74th Q I would take it back to an old stomping ground that I haven’t posted at it way too long. It wasn’t good to be back and I arrived at 502 to bask in the shopping center air and start my stretching. I had a lot of questions after arriving to see Sledge-O-Matic and Chastain holding handing sitting in the park bench holding hands. Whatever floats your boat fellas…


A quick prerun after 3 weeks of rest with only 2-3 posts during that time. I’ve not wanted to congratulate Chastain just yet for taking my #1 spot after 6 whole months in 2021. It’s my motivation to get back on the horse and take him down. And when all else fails I will flatten his tires.

It’s a great morning, the usual big crowd at Asylum and already an FNG! Great job Loafer for EHing a double respect. He was eager to be there and I hope he keeps coming. 60 second DiCCS was shown and it was time to go…


Mosey around Petsmart and circle back of Target parking lot. Warm up:

  1. 20 x SSH IC but I said 15. Whatever
  2. 15 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  3. 15 x Imperial Walker
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey towards PetSmart and who do we see, Shake N Back just coming in. Time 4 Corners and @ the center, 25 x LBCs & bear crawl to corners to complete:

  1. In & Outs x 25
  2. SSHs x 25
  3. Merkins x 25
  4. Squats x 25

Halfway through the above and Posse and Radar joined us.

Mosey towards Hickory Tavern

  • Short Lap, 15 Derkins
  • Long Lap, 30 Dips
  • Short Lap, 15 Incline Pushups
  • Long Lap, 30 Heels to Heaven

Called recover so we could sync back up as a group.

Mosey past Chick-fil-A & down to the traffic circle, circle back and head to the corner near Rack Room.

Mosey to wall near shoe store. Balls to the Wall Plank jacks x 20. Jump Lunges x 20. Back to Balls and planks.

Mosey to backside of Target’s Lot, Split into even groups for Indian Run. Slow Mosey but jail break to front. Everyone seem to push it here.

Mosey over to shopping center parking lot for some Ab-o-rama. Circle up. 1 x Big Boy and 4 x American Hammer. 2 x Mike Tysons between each round. Ended up throwing in some American Knockout and then moseyed to COT to finish round 9.


I went home and looked in the lexicon for what is supposedly called a “Starfish”. It’s what Fusebox yells out every time you call 4 corners with an exercise in-between. At NC State they teach that starfish have 4 legs and a “treat” of some kind in the center? I’ve never heard anyone else call it that and I refuse to do it….

However, I graduated from East Carolina University and learned more in the bedroom than I did class. I also learned that we partied way harder than the little Wolfpack. As an ECU Pirate, when we see a “X” we immediately we think of treasure!! Doesn’t everyone?

If your familiar with the title of this BB then you are potentially a fan of the 2000 album by Limp Bizkit called Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. You can google chocolate starfish but it’s a nickname for the anus. We learn something new every day…

Nothing was learned in this workout except that I will now refer to all 4 corners with an exercise in the center as Pirate’s Booty. It references both the X and the “chocolate” = WIN WIN!!

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1 year ago

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