Gettin’ Froggy with it

Gettin’ Froggy with it

On your mark, ready, set, let’s go
Parking lot pro, I know you know
I go psycho when 5:30 hits
Just can’t sit
Gotta get Froggy with it

OK, I’ll spare you the rest. 15 dudes. 5:30. DiCCS. You know the drill. No rain during the workout for the second day. I gotta admit, I was a little disappointed. No worries though, there’s plenty of humidity and I’ll get you wet either way (yeah baby!)


Mosey to the north east lot for some standard stuff. SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretch, Glidah Stretch, 6 inches, 6 inch Plank Jacks

The Thang

Not sure what you wanna call it: 4 corners, 5 corners, Starfish, Pirate’s Booty…As long as you do it, I don’t care: 5 burpees in the middle, then 20 reps each of Merkins, Squats, Big Bois, Step Ups, and Dips at different “corners” and coming back for 5 burpees after each. On that sweet, sweet Weddington asphalt, who could ask for more?

With that out of the way, mosey onward past the bus lot to the road leading off campus. Quick anecdote: putting together the weinke last night I had it in my head that we were still meeting at New Town Elementary, so the next few exercises were put together with that AO in mind. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your opinion of today’s Q, I remembered the move to Weddington and was able to adapt it to the new AO and actually showed up at the right location.

So at each light pole heading down the road – 1 burpee and 5 jump squats. Swimmers thinks jump squats need a fancier name but didn’t offer one up so we’re stuck with what we’ve got. All that jumping must’ve been some foreshadowing for what was next.

A quick mosey down Twelve Mile Creek Road and back to the “safety” of the school campus road. Pretty quickly discovered we’re just target practice for incoming teachers/faculty. Look out!

Here’s the bulk of the pain right here with the Mark of the Beast: 6 light poles. 6 exercises. 6 reps.

  • Merkins
  • Big Bois
  • Squats
  • Mike Tysons
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Bomb Jacks

Run to the first pole and do the Merkins then back to the start. Run to the first pole and do Merkins then the second pole and do Big Bois. Repeato in this fashion until all 6 light poles have been reached.

Somewhere along the line Zinfandel and Swimmers learned about the birds and the bees (and the frogs) when we encountered a couple amphibians gettin’ froggy with it. A few pax wanted to stop and stare but we had exercises to do and it didn’t seem polite.

Finally done with that garbage we continued around to the car loop at the middle school and partnered up for the final set of exercises. Partner 1 runs the loop and partner 2 does the exercises, shared of course: 100 wall sit air presses and 100 In and Outs (like the burger joint but less appetizing)

A little more than 2 minutes remaining I considered having us run up the hill on the entrance road but Swimmers suggested heading back to COT and saved me from a (likely) mutiny. Instead we finished with American Hammers and American Knock Outs which was a far better choice.


I’m not sure what the learning curriculum is at Weddington area schools, but some pax got a different sort of “physical education” this morning with the aforementioned frogs. Good ol’ Union County edumacation at it’s finest


  • F3 Dad’s Camp is coming up. There are still a few spots left
  • Aspen – Hard launch tomorrow Thursday at Antioch Elementary – 5:30 start with Swimmers on Q
  • The Lycan – Waxhaw Elementary – 5:45 start time

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