I needed this!

I needed this!

26 men showed up at Five Stones church to do cinder blocks share gear and get back to the roots of Chiseled . . . GEAR!  From the complaining during the workout feedback after the workout, the PAX had apparently missed this.  I spoke to 3 PAX who mentioned how this workout opened their eyes to the fact that they needed this . . . THAT IS F3!  Let’s share it with others!


  • DCCS shown shared
    • Disclaimer:  PAX are here at their own risk
    • Cell:  We had cell phone in our group
    • CPR:  Several PAX were recently certified
    • Safety:  Staying on campus and Five Stones is lit up like a purple Christmas tree; and oh yeah, we are working with gear so use good form
  • Mosey around lot
  • Merkins, MC, Wide Arm Merkins, Peter Parkers, Diamond Merkins, SSH, Low Slow Squats


  • Find a partner equal speed
  • 12 stations plus 1 timing station
    • Timers:  Partners run to curb and back
    • Stations do work until Timers get back and then Chicken Little ROTATE
      • Hair Burners with 45lb plates
      • Sandbag/Block burpees
      • Upright row w/30lb KB
      • Bucket carry
      • Battle Rope
      • Man maker merkins w/20lb dumbbells
      • Slamball squats
      • American hammer w/10lb ball
      • Curl to press w/35lb dumbbell
      • KB swings with 35lb KB
      • Jump Squats
      • Mountain Climbers with feet on 5lb plates
  • Repeat with Timers becoming skippers Bunny Hoppers


  • Circle up for Jack Webb
    • Merkins:  1, 2, 3, etc up to 10
    • Air Presses:  4, 8, 12, etc up to 40
  • Flutters
  • Have a nice day


  • Welcome FNG Ball and Chain
    • Nathan Horne
    • Matthews native, App State guy
    • Wife followed him to college and he has followed her ever since and is now a Stay-at-home Dad
    • Other nickname options:  Tiny (he’s 6’8″ish), Tony Little (former personal trainer), Mrs. Doubtfire (we already have one of those)
  • Welcome back 10 Count and Freon
    • 2nd post for each of them
    • Both mentioned that they aren’t used to this but have enjoyed it . . . Keep showing up!
  • Lots of respects
    • Double, Single, and soon to be respects dotted the COT
    • Age is definitely just a number as you can’t tell by looking at them and their effort at these workouts . . . Well done!
    • Chainsaw, Draper, Xerox, Rockwell, Ricky Bobby, Elmers, Sugar Daddy
  • Damascus
    • Never got his calf stretches
    • Never shut up
    • Always a pleasure to have at a workout
  • Baklava and Recalculating
    • Great work by these MASHers
    • Welcome back Nick . . . Good to see your smiling face
  • O-69
    • Recent MASH graduate?
    • He’s running more and more . . . keep pushing against the status quo
  • Tanyatine
    • This guy is a gear lover
    • When is he starting up a gear workout in Marvin area?
    • Those Marvin guys need some muscle . . . Especially the guy who slept in his car today at Dromedary #WhoWasThat
  • Shriver
    • He has jumped back into F3 full force
    • Love seeing his work ethic . . . Up front on the runs.  Well done!
    • Ready to Q?
  • Maple Syrup
    • He is back too
    • No complaining, just hard work . . . Crushing it!
  • Ex-Lax
    • LOVES the hair burner
    • Don’t be surprised if his neighbors see him walking his kids to bus stop with a 45lb plate
  • Hi Hat
    • His energy is infectious
    • Have you ever had a bad day?  Keep smiling
  • Inspector Gadget, Loafer, and Flanders
    • Well on their way to Gazelle status
    • Sneaky fast and ALWAYS grinding . . . Oh yeah!
  • Fuse Box and Mad Dog
    • F3 veterans
    • Always looking out for others
    • Thanks for the leadership


  • OFF THA CHAIN:  You are too late . . . It already happened tonight.  Mountain biking workout started by Rockwell.  Wednesday nights at 6:00pm at Walnut Creek
  • ACCELERATION:  YHC talked about being honest with a self-evaluation of your effort in all 3 Fs . . . Need to be growing in all 3!  If you are not, be vulnerable and reach out to someone . . . I’M AVAILABLE!
  • FRIDAY AFTERNOON WORKOUT:  12:30-1:00PM . . . Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel.  Bootcamp style workout.  Invite a friend who “can’t wake up early for a workout”


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