Impromptu: What’s old is new again!

Impromptu: What’s old is new again!

Brother Hooch asked YHC months ago if I would be interested in Q’ing Impromptu in November. I couldn’t think of the last time YHC had Q’d Impromptu (hadn’t been asked, more guys stepping up to Q compared to the past, etc) but it had been a while. Confirmed with Hooch that 11/22/19 would be the day so let’s bring back an old school beating for the Pax.

23 men showed up knowing it would be a perfect 48 degree morning so decided a workout was a good choice going into the weekend. A new iTunes Playlist was created (hearkening back to a playlist from a few years ago), Bluetooth speaker charged, Weinke was finalized with the goal of non-stop movement for 45 minutes (a-la Dasher’s typical workouts) and it was Go-Time.


With the Rocky Theme playing we moseyed around the MS lot, circled up for (10) x SSH’s, mosey toward front of school, circled up for (10) x Low Slow Squats, mosey around the island for (10) x Plank Jacks + (10) x Mountain Climbers, plus a quick Upward/Downward Dog and calf stretch. Mosey to the front of the MS for (10) x Heels-to-Heaven. Done.

At this point, YHC noticed a certain Pax and co-Site Q of Impromptu, the old & crusty (and lovable!) Recalculating himself, was not in attendance. Disappointing, since he called YHC out about Merkin form. FYI…it’s physics…shorter arms = faster Merkins. Period. Move on.

Time for the dreaded “Merkin Ladder” underneath the flag poles. You could hear plenty of moaning and sighs before we even started but it was time to suck it up and do it. Several Pax broke and either hit their knees or stopped, but the majority completed the Ladder. Nice work. Time to mosey to the front of the High School.

Bringing back an old Frack beauty, it was time for the Pax to try the Railing Crawl. Feet on one side of the railing of the Handicap ramp, hands across to the other side in a Plank. Partner up…Partner 1 crawls the railing then bear crawls back down the ramp, under the others. Partner 2 takes 1 Lap 2-3 Laps around the island waiting for Partner 1 to complete the crawl/bear crawl. Took a lot longer than estimated but we kept moving. Repeat Twice. Done!

Mosey to the side of the HS, wait for the Six with some quick Mary. Regroup and head to the “new” and improved benches (thank you Bottlecap and Five Stones Church!) which were always near and dear to YHC’s heart during the initial monthly Impromptu AMRAP’s.

Partner up for:

  • P1 (150) Dips / P2 Run to school and back
  • P1 (100) Derkins / P2 Run to school and back


Mosey to the circle…circle up for (10) very slow, 5-point Burpees…painful. Done!

Mosey to the dark hill near the buses…partner up again for:

  • P1 (150) LBC’s / P2 Run up the Hill and back
  • P1 (100) Freddy Mercury’s / P2 Run up the Hill and back

Done! Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace/Transporter’s Shed (whatever else we choose to call it) for:

  • (20) Air Presses
  • (10) Mike Tyson’s
  • (20) Jabs

Done! Mosey up the path stopping at each light post for (5) Burpees/light. Wolverine, Glider, and Sprinkles crushed this portion, but we all circled back to pick up the Six and got “extra credit” for finishing first.

With a few minutes remaining, YHC pulled out something from brother Dasher’s Gladiator Q last week. Run and step up and over the (6) metal picnic tables on the side of the MS parking lot. Repeat 4 or 5 times until time was up. Lots of walking in between, which means we were all wiped out and worked hard this morning. Time expired! Done!


It was great to see everyone out there today, and I thank you for supporting my Q. Now in my 4th year at F3, I don’t Q as often as I once did since we have grown so much and more guys step up to lead. Every time I get to Q, I feel it is my goal and responsibility to the Pax to prepare a solid workout, make it challenging, make it fun, keep everyone safe, and encourage as often as I can during the workout. I believe the goal was achieved today.

It’s encouraging to me to see so many guys getting faster, stronger, better during workouts. I hope we all walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment and a stronger fellowship with our brothers. I look forward to leading again soon, so please let me know if you have any gaps I can fill on the schedule. Iron Sharpens Iron! Aye!


  • Soft Launch of “Homecoming” (insert name) on 11/23 at an old favorite AO at Weddington MS. Let’s not mess this one up again. Damascus!!!
  • Wolverine on Q tomorrow at Commitment
  • Ruck tomorrow starting at 7am at Hickory Tavern in Ballantyne (Toringdon). 12 miles on the Greenway with 2nd F opp at HT afterwards. 12 miles since every 12 minutes someone commits suicide. In honor of our F3 Brother in Cape Fear. God Bless!
  • Millbridge & Lawson Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving Day. Wear your F3 Gear and Headlock some FNG’s.
  • If I missed anything, my apologies.

YHC took us out in prayer. Reminder to reach out to your F3 brothers or anyone you know is alone or struggling during Thanksgiving. This is a tough time of year for many…let’s be the light in this dark world!

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