My Weinke’s All Wet!!!

My Weinke’s All Wet!!!

My first experience with Qing at Impromptu. The Friday workout for F3 Waxhaw held at the campus of Cuthbertson MS & HS. I have to say it is one of my favorite sites in the region. We post there at least 3 days a week and within those three days 4 workouts in which we can participate between Ignition & Flash on Mondays, Clyent Dinner on Thursday evenings and Impromptu on Fridays. The thing I like most about this site is it is spread out and there are plenty of obstacles we can overcome together while getting a solid F3 bootcamp style workout in during the process. There are parking lots galore, long streets and sidewalks where we can run to our hearts content, steady inclines (some less steady than others) and stairs we can work our legs to the bone. Walls, curbs and benches where we can bust our shoulders through our necks if we wanted to. Most importantly though, at least today, were the plethora of covered areas we could use to keep the weinkie dry. It wasn’t raining during the entire workout that I remember but the uncovered surfaces were all wet so we “modified as necessary” to keep the Pax dry. And so we went…

Warm Up Mosey to covered area opposite MS from COT and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 MC’s IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to our next covered area at the Gym Stairs at the HS.

The Thang 7 of Diamonds (modified since we weren’t in a parking lot or anything where we could do four corners) Start at bottom of stairs and run to glass doors at gym and back to bottom of stairs twice each circuit and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BBs each leg X1=1 so technically 14 but hey? Moseyed to the front of MS the long way around the MS bus line sidewalk to partner up for partner dips and inclined merkins. P1 runs long way around the drive in front of MS while P2 does dips on the bench. Flap Jack. Second time around only half lap. 2 mins left, hot mosey to COT for 30 secs of Butt Kicks and Done!

Shout Outs! Posse – Dude is crushing it. Led us most of the way with very few exceptions. I have not posted at the same workouts with him in a while and have seen a noticeable difference in his fitness level. Stay Crush Posse! Rockwell – YHC would like to thank him for the final push to COT. He always pushes me to be better and I appreciate the competition. It makes us all better!



YHC – F3Waxhaw Monthly Lunch today, 12:00 – 1:00 Fuzzy’s Taco Shack Waverly

Old McDonald – Appreciate the support and encouragement received from F3 brothers for his 2.0 Land Shark who will be running in the Cross-Country SC State Competition trying to get All-State recognition if he finishes top 15. Good Luck Land Shark!

Dasher – Needs to follow up on Football at Elon Park on Thanksgiving Day morning. Gladiator Competition to be held tomorrow, 11/16 at Cuthbertson MS at 6:30 and will converge with Coffeeteria at McD’s in Waxhaw.

Posse – Commitment AO is celebrating 5th year anniversary tomorrow, 11/16 Come out and support if you can. Soft Launch of (old) New AO at Weddington MS this Saturday, 11/16. Hard Launch to follow next Saturday, 11/23. Trying to bring in Pax from that area to join us.

No mention of Holiday Party but it will be tomorrow, 11/16 at 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Bring $$ or gift. More gifts = less $$ but still need at least $15/person to cover food.


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