Records are meant to be broken – Just not today

Records are meant to be broken – Just not today

DiCCS – Thank you BC for always coming with his cap stick.  He was interested in demoing it today.  


We did and easy mosey to South Providence Elementary and just as we were circling up the train came through.  We did about 3 minutes of burpees for our warmup.  Big Ten was much happier to do those versus SSH

Good thing there was a port-a-john near buy.  Glad we could accommodate Rudy’s bathroom breaks.  I just think he didn’t want to do the burpees.   

The Thang

In the gravel parking lot next to the basketball court we did 10 incline merkins, run to t-pole and back, 10 decline merkins, run and back, 10 reg merkins, run.  Next round was 15 of the merkins and runs.  Mumble chatter coming from BC about his pecks needing some extra work.  Carb Load was on fire for this section.  He was out front the entire time.  

Interesting Webb

1 supine 4 people chair w/ shoulder press up to 10 and 40.  I think it was harder getting up and to the wall than the actual supine’s and press. The goal was to keep it moving fast. It was hard keeping up with Transporter, Kid Rock, and Easy Button.  

Bad Idea Hill – Going for Gold

Trying to break Kid Rocks records on Strava.  We all lined up and went from the school to the Cemetery.  Kid lead us in some Mary while we tried to recover.  

All-time records as of this morning (from School to Cemetery)

Kid Rock – 47 Sec

Dasher – 50 Sec (today)

Transporter – 59 Sec (today)

Deadwood – 1:00 

Zin – 1:01

Gerber – 1:06

Hollywood – 1:06

Dana – 1:12

All-time record as of this morning (from Cemetery to School)

Kid Rock – 45 Sec

Dasher – 54 Sec (today)

Deadwood – 1:01

Gerber – 1:02

Zin – 1:16

Damascus – 1:16

Hollywood – 1:17

That was a burner! For those of you that don’t have a GPS watch or use Strava get with the program.  You can pencil yourself into a slot based on where you think you finished. I was on the ground sucking air, so I didn’t see where anyone else finished.  

Sloooow mosey to the hill behind the skatepark.  Six cones were set up for a suicide run.  5 t-merkins and on burpee all the way up.  This is where we lost Big Ten

We all met at the bottom to do one last all out to the top.  

We moseyed back to the COT for 45 seconds of v-ups to finish things off.  

This is my second Q this week and it was good coming up with new creative ways to push the PAX as much as they want to be pushed.  #missionaccopmlished.   Now onto planning Gladiator workout.  Not only did Glida push it hard today, he decided to keep his guns contained for the picture. With that said Big Ten like to roll up his sleeves to show his.  Maybe Easy Button can give him a few of his sleeveless shirts.  Great group of guys today and I thank you for showing up and putting in the work.  

“Life will be what we make of it, always has been, always will be” 


Clyent Dinner – Tonight 5:30 Cuthbertson

Waxhaw Happy Hour – Tonight 6:30 Queen South

Vagabond – Saturday 6:30 am Hickory Tavern on Providence 

Gladiator – 11/16 6:30 am Location TBD

Thank you Transporter for taking us out

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