¡Pura Vida!

¡Pura Vida!

After a quick Disclaimer, we were off at 5:30AM sharp for a mosey towards the front of the school, enjoying some Hi-Knees along the way, to a COP warm-up.     

SSH x 25, Potato Picker x 20, Mountain Climbers x 15, Calf-Stretch (each leg)


Mosey to school entrance & partner-up.                                                           Round #1 Partner-1 do Dips until Partner-2 runs the Oval,  flapjack                Round #2 Partner-1 Step-ups (one-leg) until Partner-2 runs the oval, flapjack Round #3 Repeat #1                                                                                                Round #4 Repeat #2 (opposite leg)           

Mosey back to parking area for a partner-race around lot to meet half-way for Hand-Slap Merkins x 5. Repeat exercise 3x.

Mosey to Rock-Pile and Partner-1 grabs a lifting rock, while Partner-2 planks. Partner-1 does a Pax-called rock exercise, while Partner-2 runs to the second light and back. Partner-2 returns, repeato 2x, then return rocks.

Mosey further and turn left towards lower ball fields. At gravel lot, Squats 10x, run up the hill onto the soccer field for Monkey Humpers 10x. Rinse & Repeat 3x.

Mosey towards the restrooms to grab some wall for some quick air-presses 25x. Begin heading back to COT at 50% pace, stop at 3rd light to plank waiting on Six. From plank position, AYG back to the COT!


Doughboy & Red Bull posted today after spending 10-days in Costa Rica. It reminded me of that country’s mantra of Pura Vida, which means Pure Life. This struck me as appropriate as these 30-men were chasing one another in the dark to push their bodies and spirit. Thanks to Rockwell [& Posse] for allowing me to lead these fine men. A big thanks to Strawberry for making the trip down to UC to support the Q.

Announcements – Bushwood Launch, wear your Golf Attire. Convergence on Labor Day Monday for Union County to become its own Region. Finally, Church on the Street needs volunteers for Labor Day Weekend. (Hit up Strawberry for instructions.)

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