A Recycled Q

A Recycled Q

24 men won the fight with their pillow and joined me on what ended up being a brisk 60 degree morning at Nesbit Park. Rubbermaid approached me about Q’ing earlier in the week and I happily obliged. I love commitment. The Friday night alcohol one hour later start time seems to bring out the pax in better moods and also allows the early workers a chance to join.

After being put through a Memorial Day beat down by Popeye, in which he used the fields for a sand bag pull, I decided that perhaps I would go grass and field heavy as oppose to the normal paved areas. The more I thought about what to do this week, the more I though about previous beat downs and one in particular stuck out in my mind. It was my second every Commitment lead by Doc McStuffins. It was after this workout that I decided I better start checking to see who is on Q so I can skip mentally prepare for the tougher ones. While today in no way did justice to the beat down that Doc typically brings, I hope it left some of you breathless and begging for it to end.


Short mosey up to the elementary school parking lot. Circle up and Al Gore while waiting on the 6. Deadwood came in hot on two wheels nearly taking out Jingles and joined us. For a moment I thought Jingles hopped out of the truck with DW, but alas, Jingles was on time today. (I guess my ploy to sneak into his house and set all his clocks ahead 5 minutes is paying off – by the way, whats up with that sex swing in your bedroom Jingles?).

20 T Merkins

15 (maybe 20?) 3-6-9’s

10 Potato Pickers (perhaps I should have added in a calf stretch as well – more on that later).

I intentionally planned for no SSH’s or Imperial Walkers just for Hollywood – but he was a no show.


Carolina Dry Docks and Crawl Bear up a hill. 1-10 count on the dry docks and 2-20 count on the Crawl Bear. Informed the pax to continue until the following had been completed – all pax reach 10 dry docks, and at least one pax mad it to the chain. Thank you to Deadwood and Wolverine for pushing hard to the chain to allow us to stop that awful exercise.

Mosey back to the fork of the park and school and partner up. Partner 1 reverse lunges while Partner 2 runs to a mailbox. Partner 2 then starts reverse lunges while Partner 1 leap frogs past him to second mail box. Continue on until the end of the road. If I do this again, I may have to increase the number of mailboxes as the run wasn’t as long as I had intended (Briarcrest Mailboxes are a little further spaced – shots fired). I look back shortly after reaching the mailbox to see Wild Thing hobbling and Wolverine and Mad Dog checking on him. Initial report was a tore calf, but I am happy to report that Wild Think has since checked in and the ER Doc only think’s its a strain. Otho visit on Monday to confirm.

Once you reach the end of the road, Mary with big boy step ups near the bridge (very high car barrier). Once 6 is in, everyone do 10 more.

Mosey to hill near Mill Bridge playground. This is the first of the Doc recycled exercises. 10 Derkins at bottom of hill, run/walk backwards up the hill, 10 squats at the top. Repeat for 5 total sets. It was at Doc’s workout that I realized walking backwards up a hill is harder than forwards….who knew. It burns the quads.

Mosey down train stopping at trail barriers for squats while 6 gets there. Then mosey again to the first field on the right.

Another Doc recycled exercise. 100 yard field – 10 merkins every 10 yards with a bear crawl in between. 1 problem – we were on a soccer field…..(what a horrible sport Dancing Bear). So I decided 5 bear crawls would be about 10 yards (I was wrong as we finished near mid field). These suck as bad as the sound. I hate doing them, and I think most of the pax would agree that they hated them as well. Its a lot of push ups. Some would argue too many push ups….and they would probably be right.

Mosey to another field for Star Fish work. 5 Squat hops in the center. 15 berishnicoffs in two of the corners (right leg in one, left leg in the other). 30 monkey humpers (complete with sound effects from bread bowl). And finally 30 20 Knee Maktar Jai’s Hydro Jacks (Thanks to Posse for the lexicon correction). As you can see, I modified the count of the Hydro jacks after seeing how long it was taking to do them. Several pax finished early and Married (not my thing, but what ever floats their boat).

Mosey back to the other soccer field for 4 quarters. 2 minutes to sprint the width (short) of the field and back a total of 4 times. For those really good at math, that gives you 30 seconds to run across and back. Hopefully you do it faster than 30 seconds to allow for a quick rest before going again. Deadwood was gracious enough to be our coxswain timer. After the 4th quarter, I decided we needed over time so we did it a 5th time.

We were running ahead of schedule and I was breathing hard so I decided we needed a quick ab workout. Circle up at cul de sac for Jack Webb count of Heels to heaven and LBC’s. I decided to start the count and send it to my left. A couple pax struggled with the counting but Deadwood was there to complain, yell, offer corrective assistance to the pax.

Watch check -3 minutes. Partner Pushes up the hill. Time – Circle Up and Count Off.


Thanks to those that joined today. Past workouts at Commitment tend to over use the paved spots. It was nice to get out in the grass today. I attempted to warn pax twice yesterday with subtle hints that we would be doing a lot in the grass. Moneyball apparently got slightly offended quickly snapping back at my Homer Gif. It was nice to get one last jab in before he rides off into the sunset. (If my Wolfpack weren’t currently losing to Cambell I would rag him about Tennessee losing to Liberty – but after both teams starting hot…we both appear to be in a downward spiral at the worst possible time). Countdown to Dana (Cambel grad) giving me hell on GroupMe….3….2…..1…..

Blades of Glory pushed hard at the end with the partner push. I love that exercise as it gets your heart rate going fast really quick.

Glad to hear Wild Thing’s injury is only a sprain and not a tear. He will still likely be out several weeks and as many here know from calf injuries of your own, its a tough thing to heal completely from. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

Keep Damascus and his family in your thoughts and prayers. His Father in Law was given a grim diagnosis of Stage 4 Pancreatic and liver cancer.

Bread Bowl awkwardly making sex sounds while doing monkey humpers might have been the greatest think I’ve heard so far today. I’m not sure who was more upset/offended – Transporter or Dough Boy. I love having bread bowl at workouts. He definitely adds some spice.

Carb Load becoming a regular. Slowly moving towards the front of the pack. He killed the push ups today.

Speaking of Merkins….we did 170 of them today…yikes. That’s too many. On top of 55 carolina dry docks. Sorry guys. Blame Doc.

I called for Carolina Dry Docks and Heels To Heaven in a workout proving once again that you can’t trust a thing I say (Previously I stated I would never do both of those in the same workout since they have the name of my arch nemesis/rival in them). I should have thrown some dying cock roaches in there for Posse to enjoy my pain with me (I doubt many will get the reference so I will explain it….South Carolina’s football stadium is often referred to resembling a dying cock roach).

I wend undefeated in tic tac toe at coffeteria (2-0-1). See what your missing by going straight home?


Apparently Deadwood is now our spokesperson. (Rubbermaid seemed to have concern that he was our face to the community). Nesbit will start locking their gates in the coming months. When that occurs, we will need to shift parking over to Kensington Elementary School. They don’t mind us using the park according to DW – not sure why they will start locking the gates though. In addition, the town advised DW that they will be looking to add some workout equipment to Nesbit. DW mentioned pull up bars. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some dip/supine bars as well. Also, DW stated that he has been working with the town to allow us access to the playground for Floater workouts.

Fix it For Christ is coming up in a couple weeks. Sign up using the link on the news channel and make sure to include that you are with F3. I am gone that weekend, but looking to team up with one (or more) of you earlier that week. Work starts Wednesday so maybe some of the group can get together for a Friday morning work day.

Christ Closet is donating clothes next weekend in Salisbury. They need help loading trucks Friday night. It sounds like they may shift the time up to 6:00 pm. Look for directions on the news channel or contact Shop Dawg, Legal Zoom, Ackbar, or Ice 9 (just to name a few).

Also, next Friday is Money Ball’s going away party. 7:00 to 9:00ish in downtown Waxhaw. More info to come as the date draws near. I highly encourage Money Ball T shirts, baseball cards, and Meme posters be included at the event. Deflated’s Photo Shop and Lawson’s print shop, please get to work.

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