Rock Day Fun

Rock Day Fun

28 strong at Impromptu, all apparently back from their vacations and ready to work hard on this muggy morning.

The Thang:

Mosey, circle up:  IW X 15 IC; Low Slow Squat X 15 IC

Path: 5 HR Merkins at each light pole to shed, total 35. Plank work while we wait, 6 inches, etc.  Partner up and grab a rock. Mosey as a team to the HS Parking lot.  Partner w/o rock grab one.  Overhead presses x 20 IC

Parking lot-Rock suicides-individually with rock, run to line, 10 thrusters, leave rock, run back, pick up rock and run to 2nd line, 10 thrusters, etc to end of parking lot.  Bring rock back.

Partners-P1 bear crawls to line, P2 curls, switch; both partners to next line, P1 frog jumps, P2 curls, switch, etc to end.

Various rock work, flutters, American hammers, plank (right arm high, etc), 6 inch plank jacks x 10 IC

Mosey with rocks to stair case:  Squats while we wait; 5 burpees, then Merkins x 5 IC, wide arm merkins x 5 IC, diamonds x 5 IC, stagger (r), x 5 IC, left x 5 IC;  Mosey to drop off rocks;

back up path; jump squats while we wait; at every light pole, 5 HR Merkins until back to start; American hammers until time is up


Good work today by the Pax.  Got a little stretched out at times so YHC didn’t really get a chance to see or hear what was truly going on but we started and ended with the same number so that works for me.  Everyone was working hard though as evidenced by the heavy breathing.

And since I didn’t answer the question this morning as to whether a lifting or running rock was needed, to YHC a rock is a rock. We pick the rock, then figure out what the plans are next.   You lift it as much as you can, you run with it as fast as you can.   It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how may reps you complete.  You stop when you need to (or modify if proper disclaimer was provided).  And if necessary, your brothers will come along side of you to help, which is what F3 is all about.

As to the naming of FNG Fumble (Jeff), he was wearing a Jets Ladainian Tomlinson jersey circa 2011, long past his prime.  Butt Fumble was immediately called out, much to the dismay of F3 Corporate.  After not coming up a better name, it was shortened to Fumble to make sure would join us again.  But he will always be Butt Fumble to us.

Thankful to have the ability to be working out and having fun with this group of guys.

Once again, beautiful morning, make sure to enjoy the day. David said it best:   “The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1


Open Door-3rd F Opportunity every Sunday at 5 Stones Church from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.  Currently studying the book of Acts (3-4 this week).  No preparation necessary.  Just come, learn and discuss

Church on the Street (8/5/18)-see or message Bottlecap for details

Crane Relay (10/26/18) The Crane Relay

F3 Great Wolf Lodge -(11/9/18)-see link for details   F3 South Charlotte – 2nd F Family Outing at Great Wolf Lodge (11/9/2018)

Cerberus (8/17/18)-Dredd is on Q for those that want to head up to Waverly




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