South Charlotte

Listen all y’all, it’s a sabotage

ByDas Boot Dec 9, 2021

I can't stand it, Madame T planned it I'm gonna set it straight, this Q-jackgate I can't stand burpees when I'm on Brave 'Cause your fake AO a

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Wearing our C/Sea shoes to keep warm?

ByTonyatine Dec 8, 2021

Knowing the rain would deter most Pax from showing up, YHC was really contemplating staying in the nice warm DRY bed, and telling himself, "Why w

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Bymidriff Dec 7, 2021

Today marks the 80-year anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. We remember the incredible sacrifice of many men and women who acted

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Just Another Merkin Monday

Bymidriff Dec 7, 2021

Monday workouts are tough. Retribution for that extra drink or dessert while taking in the last gasp of the weekend. My attendance has been poor

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Building Bridges

ByGoodfella Dec 6, 2021

Pax: Goodfella, Hi-Hat, PETA, SoCal, Showgirl, FNG Exodus One of the Forest Hill Church pastors (F3 “SoCal”) mentioned to me a couple mont

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Classy AF: The Area 51 Holiday (Keg) Party Pre-Blast

ByHoover Dec 4, 2021

Holiday gatherings, the time honored tradition of cramming ourselves into an enclosed space during the annual global pandemic that is flu season.

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God let’s everything happen for a reason (Mike Tyson quote)

BySurge Dec 3, 2021

Mild morning with 21 PAX arriving bright eyed.  It was a pleasure to lead today. Warm-up Mosey from the parking lot by the shed for a warm

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No Q-Jack, just some BOMBS Jack!

ByTonyatine Nov 30, 2021

11 pax made their way out to Bushwood today to freeze their butts off with One Star volunteering last night to be at the Helm. So you know he was

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Are you Making This Up As You Go Along? (Turkey Jam)

ByPaper Jam Nov 25, 2021

22 PAX converged at the Improper Pig in Waverly with hopes of a well-organized bootcamp for the 6th Annual Turkey Jam. What they received was som

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A trip to Meat-SACS-Vil(le)

ByHoover Nov 24, 2021

What did you do when your parents went out of town for the weekend and abandoned you at home with a bag of Doritos, some frozen pizza, and vague

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