Are you Making This Up As You Go Along? (Turkey Jam)

Are you Making This Up As You Go Along? (Turkey Jam)

22 PAX converged at the Improper Pig in Waverly with hopes of a well-organized bootcamp for the 6th Annual Turkey Jam. What they received was something a little different. After a full and fair disclaimer, we were off, warming up with a mosey around the Green Monster, before ending up in the Harris Teeter parking lot for:


LSS x 10

5 merkins OYO

SSH x 10

5 merkins OYO

LBC x 10


Mosey across the Harris Teeter parking lot, up the stairs behind the Atrium ER, then across Providence Rd, and stop at a small wall near Fifth Thirds Bank.

3 rounds: Dips x 15 and Incline merkins x 15,

Then mosey to the smaller parking deck a few feet away to the ground floor. Line up facing the other side of the deck and in front of us was a line line of columns. Run to each column and perform the called exercise. When you get to the other side of the deck, elbow plank while waiting on the 6.

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: LBCs

Round 3: Floor slap squats

Round 4: Flutter kicks

Then mosey to the bigger parking deck behind the hotel. Divide into two groups on the bottom floor. Run up the assigned stairwell to the top floor of the deck, perform 5 merkins and run across the top of the deck to another stairwell, run back down the stairwell to where we started.

Then run up the stairwell that Snowflake “found” to the top of the deck and enjoy the sunrise over South Charlotte. Run back down the same stairs and mosey to the small green space in front of the hotel and grab a chair for some arm work.

2 rounds of curls and 1 round of tricep extensions with the chair.

Mosey back to launch and line up in front of the Christmas Tree facing the Green Monster.

Run across the Green Monster and at each lamp post perform 3 burpees until we reach the sidewalk that divides the Green Monster and wait for the 6. At the sidewalk, a 70% sprint to the end of the Green Monster and wait for the 6.  Then turn around, facing the Christmas Tree, and run back to the sidewalk, performing 3 burpees at each lamp post. Then a 62.5% sprint back to the Christmas Tree.

Circle up in front of the Christmas Tree on the Green Monster for Round-O-Mary (each Pax calling a Mary exercise).

Finish off with some broga moves, ending with the frog.


A big thanks to Trickle who provided the participation trophies for the 2nd year in a row.

It was great to see PAX from all over our region (Area 51, SOB Land, Waxhaw) and Birmingham, AL (Biscuit) for the frozen version of Turkey Jam.

At this point in my F3 career, when I Q a bootcamp, I have a general idea of what I want to do, but for the most part, I figure it out as we go along. Somehow Goonie figured out my strategy and called me out on it. That’s what happens when you post with a brother for about 5 years. They get to know you.

There was a healthy amount of mumblechatter among the group and great to see the runners show up for their annual bootcamp.

One thing of note, Chopper was not the oldest PAX to post, I think that award went to Blue Screen who crushed it.

My favorite part of Turkey Jam is the COT when each PAX  has the opportunity to mention one thing that they are grateful for. There were some powerful shares this morning and I know it helped remind me of what I should be grateful for.

I was overwhelmed and thankful for all those who showed up as it is always humbling to lead this group of men.

Happy Thanksgiving my brothers!

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