Hardcore in the snow

Hardcore in the snow

12 brothers stepped out into the ice and snow this am not really knowing what to expect.  2 rucked in 6.1 miles – 2 rucked in 3.3 miles and 8 showed up for a pre kettle bell workout @ 0500.  Strong work.

COP – (25) SSH, (20) IW, (20) slow squats

Bring the circle in a bit and we did 3 merkins and then everyone rotated left to our neighbors position and did 3 more merkins.  Rotated clockwise till we got back to our starting point.

Grab a partner – one partner ran around the track while the other partner did an exercise.  Flap Jack after each exercise…  The exercises went like this…

Carolina Dry Docks, Stagger merkins, Reg Merkins

Flutter w KB press, Louganis w KB, LBC’s

Calf raises, slow squats w KB, Burpees

Diamond merkins, Stagger arm merkins, wide arm merkins

Rock Hopper, Heels to Heaven, LBC’s

Good work!  Bring it in for Prayer

Its Valentines Day and unfortunately the two visuals i left with today were how Bull Dog carries his pill in his pocket (Dr. Dre would not approve) and how Radar brushes his teeth in the mornings w his red head lamp.


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10 years ago

Great Q Header. Thought we may have to sub you out after your spill on 51! Don’t knock the Pill fella – that device gets the party started!

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