Running Through Sprinklers at Commitment

Running Through Sprinklers at Commitment

Great turnout, which had me alter a few fun activities to keep some separation with the PAX, even if they didn’t care for it 🙂


  • Mosey from the parking lot to the Millbridge Parking lot.
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers (Fuse made sure to circle  back for the 6, as he anticipated this in the warm up )
  • Upward Dog / Downward Dog
  • Runners Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey to Millbridge Parkway and head up towards the first circle
  • Stop at each street on the left 20 merkins
  • 20 big boys at the circle and then head back for the 6 and repeat another 20 big boys.
  • Mosey to the next circle (left when facing the first circle)
  • Stop at every third driveway 20 squats until reaching circle.
  • 20 Mike Tysons
  • Head back to the first circle
  • 20 Dry Docks at 5th driveway on the right
  • Reach the circle 20 V Ups  and circle back for the 6.
  • Mosey back towards the Millbridge parking lot, 20 shoulder taps 5th driveway on the left.
  • Partner Up
    • Partner 1 runs a lap and bear crawls each corner
    • Partner 2 LBC’s until partner 1 comes back
    • Repeat 3 laps per partner
  • Cry baby time
    • 10 scissor merkins
    • 20 plank merkins
    • 10 side to side merkins
  • Mosey to the bridge, 20 derkins
  • Mosey to the circle in the parking lot
    • 50, oops 40 calf raises after Chastain tricked the Q
    • 50, audible to 100 for payback from Chastain, completed another 70
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

Great job today gentlemen.  Fuse called me out early for failing audit, as the sprinklers were on when we ran from the Millbridge
parking lot on the sidewalk.  Yes, Fuse had a headlamp and ran through the water/puddles, not sure I can comment much more on that :).

It was great to see some folks who haven’t experience some special merkins get the opportunity and great to hear the complaints from others who may be working hard to take on the challenges.

Have a great day


F3 BBQ, Live Music 4-6:30 Five Stones Church, still have time to sign up, check w/Fuse, open to the whole family
171 Units of peanut butter collected from F3 for Second harvest, great job Ghosted
Shop Dawg needs some folks to help with pickups, Christ Closet

Prayers for landfill’s teen going through some challenges.
Prayers for OneStar’s mom Bonnie, who recently came out of cancer surgery.

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