Half Empty or Half Full?

Half Empty or Half Full?

Been a few since I had the privilege to lead Impromptu but I guess Chatterbox knew it was meant to be when he asked me. I have not been the most reliable Q as of late…. Anywho, my alarm went off, I got up and had actually planned a weinke prior to the car ride over to Cutty. Delivered the usual Diccs and threw in a little nugget for the group to mentally chew on as we began the opening mosey. “How is your current perspective? Are things in your life happening TO you or FOR you?” To be continued…

Mosey around main road in front of middle school and hang a left between middle and high toward the covered stairs aka Waffle / Mash / Inclement Weather Emergency Safe Zone Area.
Circled up for: air presses x 30 / Squats x 20 / Merkins x 15
Hold that plank for calves, MiniMtn Climbers, Runner’s stretch


7’s Ladder Triangle of Pain – Decrease by 1 rep ea round
Grab some wall for 7 HSPU’s (handstand pushups)
Run down for 7 broad jumps – no bunny hops allowed
Back to stairs for 7 knee slap burpees

10 count then mosey back around front of high school – en route I checked the group to see if they were “being present in the moment”. Really taking things in and appreciating being alive, you know?

Next up the Plank Race
Partner up then line up at start in plank
P1 launches and sprints to the next light pole then drops to plank
P2 launches to catch P1 and then planks to send P1 off to the next pole
Race to the end of the main road by the main middle school sign – about .25 mile

That went surprisingly well and quick so still had some time to enjoy the moment. At this point in our mosey to the front of the middle school we had some deep reflection around interpreting the last 10 count. Our perception and interpretation of an assumed instruction from one individual to the next can vary greatly. What a great metaphor for life.

Same partners – P1 runs a lap around full parking lot P2 does Heels to heaven in perfect form. Rinse and repeat – 100 shared reps
then 200 shared reps of reverse lunge

Back to COT and time.

What a day to be alive! The sweater of humidity we were given to put on and keep us cozy during our 45 minutes of fellowship was such a thoughtful bonus from mother nature… <– #perspective
I really can’t remember a morning where it felt that humid in a long time but the whole group stuck together and pushed through. It was awesome to see some faces I hadn’t had the chance to 1st F with in a long time. Random side note: I lost a shoe during the plank race. Finally, I opened this BB that we had been reflecting on perspective throughout the morning and I closed in COT with a quick share that mine has been drastically changed, in so many ways it’s hard to find the words to describe it, over the past 2 years. I’m realizing now that the struggles / challenges / trials / fires (fill in yours here) that life presents to us are simply ways in which we can embrace all of it for what it is, and use it to gain wisdom, experience, strength and hope to share with others who may be going through the same thing or something similar. I have been given new perspective on life as a whole. I have been given the gift of being present, sobriety, a heart and soul that’s on fire just to name a few. I know how to endure personal pain and sit with it knowing that the healing and calming serenity that comes on the other side is only because of God alone and it’s through Him in which I’ll make it. I’ve been able to identify the people, places and things God has put in my life to walk shoulder to shoulder with me through this season. Perspective can, and will shift how you view and navigate your life. I encourage you to stop and take a moment to reflect on yours. Unplug from the hustle and hurry of life we’re thrown into and see what gifts you can find that could have been waiting for you for a long time. What is happening FOR you right now?

Headlamps are good. Wear them so people can see you not just in vehicles but other residents who may be out in the gloom too.

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