Lost clips of casting call from Howard Stern Movie (frisbee scene)

Lost clips of casting call from Howard Stern Movie (frisbee scene)

In history there have been some well known trios – Three Stooges, Three Tenors, Bee Gees, Huey/Dewey/Louie, so Sugar Daddy decided to do his best Chris Young impersonation and call on his Famous Friends – LRC (Deflated, Smithers, and Foundation) to lead Swarm.  As this was going to be an epic event it resulted in creating its own GroupMe channel and was planned months in advance.  Fast forward to this morning and much deliberation and consultation we came up with a stellar weinke for 13 lucky participants to enjoy this morning.  So here is recap of what happened.

To kick off this event we decided to go old school and have Deflated be our main MC and lead us in the Disclaimer and DICCS.  Disclaimer included a clear and audible announcement that we will remain on campus.  This disclaimer was perfectly heard by all and was even better since it did not cost the group $100 for use of the microphone (Inaugural EFFEE reference).  With that the reigns were handed off to Smithers for the open mosey down the concrete path.

Smithers led mosey towards the circle for quick warmup consisting of:

  • SSH
  • Calf Stretch
  • Runner Stretch
  • Pickles and Goo stuff (upward dog/downward dog)

Next was mosey past the football stadium towards the parking lot hill.  As Smithers led the pax he decided to give instructions for exercises to all the pax that were in front of him (none) of what to do at each opening.  As the remaining pax arrived an exercise was called back towards the remaining pax.  Depending on where you stood in the line for the game of telephone the count for each differed but was somewhere between 15,10 or 5.  With that we get to the top of the hill and now Smithers decides to go rogue and scrap the preplanned weinke and play Ice9 Frogger into Champion Forest.   We amazingly did not lose any of our 3 credits while attempting to cross.

Next instruction was for alternating between 10 merkins and 10 big boys at each Stop Light street light.  This proceeded for few lights until the LRC Congress investigated these missteps by the Q and then passed along to the LRC House of Representatives recommendation to impeach the Q from his duties.  By a vote of 2-1, Smithers is removed from Q and Deflated is elected new Q.  Decides to stop Dasher from proceeding further into Champion Forest and return back to campus.  Upon return proper Zin (Zin apologize you do not receive credit in app for workout due to BB reference) crossing was performed across Providence with all pax as a group and we moseyed with various exercises down towards the football stadium.

Deflated decided to pull a Foley (2nd old timer F3 reference) and within 2 mins decided his portion of the Q was complete.  Handed to Foundation who brought the group back up through parking lot and led entire group around for quick 4 Square tour consisting of merkins, jump squats, speed skaters, big boys.  At this point the 13 pax in attendance were broken into 3 groups of 4 using Bottlecap 3v3 b-ball team logic. With that cones were placed for reference of boundaries and endzone guidance randomly onto the parking lot.  Then 2 teams were set to kickoff with game of Ultimate Frisbee as 3rd did another round of 4 squares as the timer.


  • Nali’s Heroes: Sugar Daddy, Premature, Easy Button, Foundation, Schnitzel
  • Kraft’s Massage Parlor: Deflated, Rubbermaid, Ghosted, Blue Screen
  • Toon Squad: Smithers, Gerber, Dasher, Mute

Each team had chance to play 4 games and complete 2 rounds of 4 squares and completed close to 4 miles in total.  Based on play all clearly showed the lack of athleticism amongst and proved why Swarm should remain a runner’s workout not an athletic event.  To help others understand here is quick scouting report of all that played

  • Gerber – Decided to replace the consonants in his name for vowels and became the Greek Freak at the FT line with the frisbee.  Once he got his hands on the frisbee it took a good 10-15 secs before a   throw was completed
  • Premature – Almost lost a few chicklets this morning due to a bad throw by Easy Button that hit him right in the kisser.
  • Smithers –  Nearly was relegated to walk home today due to early demerits received while on Q and for post TD celebration flip of frisbee to Deflated.  Instead he was forced to pay for post workout drinks at DD.
  • Rubbermaid – may look like Kurt Rambis with the glasses but unsure if due to lack of anti-fog spray or athletic ability did not provide much help for Kraft’s Massage Parlor Squad
  • Deflated – some say he looked like Tom Brady, we say he looked like just another 40+ year old playing QB playing backyard football.
  • Dasher – rounded out the Toon Squad but instead of looking like Road Runner, today he appeared to more reassemble Brucie from the Longest Yard.  It was not until the very end did, we see a typical mid-air Dasher collision.
  • Mute – truly lived up to his namesake and was mostly silent for majority of game.  Unsure if he was singing Skee-Lo or talking to himself at one point as I heard him saying “Wish I was a little bit taller…”
  • Ghosted – unsure if he was pouting due to be a Jets fan and teamed up with couple Pats fans or but proved to be more MarK Sanchez then Vinny Testaverde with the frisbee today as every catch looked like the butt fumble
  • Blue Screen – Was elected team MVP not for his stellar play, but for ensuring that Deflated walked away with a Bob Kraft smile on his face after throwing a TD right before proceeding to head to 4 squares and providing an adequate massage.
  • Sugar Daddy – After further review of game tape, come to realize the reason for Premature being unable to make catch was due to reflection of the lights off of Sugar Daddy’s scalp.  For this he just missed out of winning defense MVP as it was his own team
  • Easy Button – Clearly not a good day for his Madden rating (24) as he had few drops and miss throws including the one mentioned above that hit Premature in the kisser.  He just barely remained ahead of TB Bucs long snapper Zach Triner for worse rating ever.
  • Schnitzel – chants of MVP…MVP…MVP were heard based on his performance today, but unfortunately this is a team sport and even with his performance he could not throw and catch the frisbee by himself.  So instead he gets to drowned his team’s loss with an early pint today olde Mecklenburg brewery.
  • Foundation – even with the added Nali bonus of being the 5th on a 4 man team was most absent in the game.  Believe one LRC member said he works harder at his burpees then his ultimate frisbee game.  Either way he too is going to will be having a pint today to commensurate his team’s loss…For clarification Foundations pint will be from Haagen-Dazs.

All in all still had fun and complete a workout, until next time


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