Sure I’ll Q

Sure I’ll Q

Someone wise once said to me after I complained about not getting enough miles at a workout: “If you Q you can do whatever you want”. So when Wolverine went on IR ….Sure I’ll Q


Being that we were going for some mileage, tried to stop every so often for some dynamic stretching/warmups on the go

Toy Soldiers

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Lunge stretch walk

From COT down past 701 Main to neighborhood on the left

The Thang

Pretty simple workout today, head down the hill to the fork.

Triple nickel – one cul-de-sac 10 Tysons, the other cul-de-sac (bottom of a mountain) 10 squat jumps, always in the middle 10 BB sit-ups

Was about a mile there and a mile back. Triple nickel got us close to 2 miles so close to 4 for the day


Great numbers today! People must not have realized I was actually Qing. Effort was awesome even with the high mileage. Tried to keep the group together but got a great reminder from Ice “No man left behind but no man left where you found him.” We should be pushing people to continuously get better which is done by the gazelles reaching their potential and circling back, not by holding anyone back but pushing all of us forward. I need to keep that in mind as that mindset helped me when I started F3. Mumble chatter was necessary to get through this one: a lot of “you do realize this isn’t Pursuit”, a little “I don’t like you anymore”, but a lot of fun. Thank you for letting me lead


Welcome back Wedding Singer!

Christ Closet Saturday need help moving furniture and for giveaway

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