There will be Blo—Vomit!

There will be Blo—Vomit!

Nineteen Pax (including one FNG) joined YHC for a good old fashioned sweat fest at Dromedary. No time for small talk as we had a couple of Pax screaming in right at the 5:30 bell. DiCCS reviewed.


MASHers head to their chosen spot of pre-dawn fun, the rest of the gang moseys for a long loop around the front parking lot. On our route, YHC takes them directly up a gentle incline of approximately 150 meters for some foreshadowing of what is to come later. We circle up to begin to loosen up.



consisted of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches. Warmup completed, we’re off for a short mosey to begin the opening round of punishment.


We stop on the long stretch of driveway/road on the west side of the school campus for a few laps around the roundabout. Each lap consists of a run out around the roundabout and back to our starting point, doing an increasing amount of the set exercise for that lap at every light pole (we pass 8 light poles in total for each lap on this journey). At the first light pole the group does one rep of the set exercise for that lap, two and the next light pole, three at the next, etc. The first lap: Merkins. Second lap: Big Boy Sit Ups. Third Lap: Speed Skaters. Mary at the end of each lap until the six gets in. Standing 10 count to recover (some) of our breath, then we form two lines for an Indian Run.

Thang 2

We Indian Run from the starting point of Thang 1 all the way around the back of the school and then around the track to the rock pile. The run was a bit longer than YHC anticipated, but only one person threw up (not to name names, but you could say The Juice was loose).

Thang 3

After our Indian run, everyone partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock for their team. We walked the rocks to the bottom of the parking lot, directly at the base of a pretty nice 150 meter incline to the top of the parking lot. YHC points to a yellow speed bump at the top of that incline. While one partner is performing as many reps of the set exercise with the rock for that round, the other partner runs to aforementioned speed bump and performs two burpees, then returns to their partner to relive them of the rock. Five rounds in total with each partner performing the run + burpees and the exercise with rock in each round. The exercises with the rocks included Curls, Overhead Presses, Bent Over Rows, Squats, and American Hammers. Aggressive rock selections were made (including by YHC) which made this 15 minute segment pretty brutal. We returned the rocks and moseyed back to CoT for a few minutes of Mary to close out our workout.


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed – time for our FNG to take center stage. Our FNG was Jerry. He moved to Waxhaw three years ago from Long Island (Montauk to be exact). He travels a lot for work helping companies with retirement plans. Thanks for the info, Jerry – now it’s time to bequeath you with your F3 name. The group initially started down the path of a name tied to his line of work, but then someone made the connection that Billy Joel was also from Long Island. Uptown Girl was tossed into the ring for consideration by the group – and quickly adopted. Welcome Uptown Girl! Even though you’re now living in the burbs, we know you’ve still been living in an uptown world.


  • Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church.
  • With school out for the summer, Last Call’s new start time is 6:02AM. Fridays at Marvin High School. End your week with a little extra sleep but still get a great workout.

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