Getting a bit FEIST-y

Getting a bit FEIST-y

21 of my closest friends men gathered today under the Waxhaw water tower. Well, 22 if you count the random guy who was just trying to do his morning run and got hunted down like prey EH’d by Ice 9. The plan was to do some stuff and tour the lovely stretch of route 16 between Stacks and the worst traffic light setup known to man the traffic lights of downtown. Quick DinyfCCS (Disclaimer, I’m not your friend, CPR, Cell Phone, and Safety) were given and we were on our way. Highlighted that we were going to Ice 9 frogger with no regard to cars or safety cross the main road a couple time and to pay attention.

  • Mosey to dream chasers for some SSHs, Stretches, and STFU I’m not telling you how many reps to dos (apparently cursing is frowned upon so apologies)
  • Followed this up with a series of short runs (0.25 mi as per F3 Bootcamp Guidelines) and exercise along the way. Including
    • Speed Skaters
    • Squats – (some chose face to face or back of head to face style)
    • Merkins
    • Dry Docks
    • Repeat
  • We did this until we got to the Stacks parking lot. There we did two laps around the outside with all of the above mentioned exercises while waiting for the six
  • Crossed over, moseyed to the end of Waxhaw Pkwy where we did some merkins then stretch runs (high knees, butt kicks, and for the life of me I can’t remember what the other thing is called why have you read this far anyway?)
  • Back at 16 we did squats, monkey humpers, and then cherry pick ’ems
  • Moseyed back to the Vet’s parking lot for some Mary when the conversation turned to the domestication of the Mountain Feist.  YHC will have none of that so we ran some more
  • Decided to change Keith Jong Hill to Cherry Hill where we did some more pick ’ems
  • Top of the hill we ran the 4 corner square back to the town center for dips in front of the blue door deli
  • Mosey to the brick wall around the corner for some balls to the wall where we held the position until Ice 9 decided to join. Sadly he said his string was too short and he was concerned it might slip all the way in and “he wasn’t suffering toxic shock syndrome again”. Look it up, it’s bad) the it caused him too much back pain so we moved to the shorter wall for alternating chest slaps in the derkin formation.
  • From there we ran back to COT area for some Mary where we did some Mary and called it a day

Great group of guys well except Easy Button, he hurt my feelings , glad Easy Button asked me to lead and happy to take us out with my words of inspiration.


  • Blood Drive June 19th

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