Lots of reps

Lots of reps

Warm Up – Mosey .7 mile (around circle, up to Kensington Dr., back to COT, to back of school).  Jimmy Dugans, calf stretch, upward dog, downward dog, runners stretch, Moroccan nightclubs.

The Thang – Groups of 3.  P1 and P2 stand at opposite ends of playground, each doing reps of called exercise.  P3 runs from P1 to P2, takes over reps from P2, P2 runs to P1, etc.  As a team do:  300 Merkins, 500  300 Squats.

Next Round, same groups, different exercises and RUN BACKWARDS,  300 Supines or pullups, 300 big boy situps.

Mosey to Rock Pile.  Pair up.  P1 runs back up to chain link by playground entrance, P2 does exercise.  300 curls and 100 overhead presses as a team.

Mosey to soccer field.  Suicides – first light, second bench, third bench, far goal line and back.


Prayers for Premature on upcoming prostrate cancer screening.  Thanks to Premature for opening up about your story.  5/17 convergence at Asylum for Mental Health Month – Guest Speaker after beatdown.  Saturday 5/15 Christ Closet giveaway and folding party, 9am, bring the whole family, friends, lots of good work to be done, we need your help.

YHC took us out.

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