Audible…Not the Amazon Book App

Audible…Not the Amazon Book App

In line with the audibled reps on exercises, I audibled the due date of this backblast by a day…here we go…

This was my first Saturday Q and while I was in no short supply of things to do, my direction on what to do was lacking…sometimes.  We start out with a mosey from the lot to the end of the gravel road leading to the trail, then circle back to the circle for some warm-ups.


30 SSH (in cadence)

20 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)

15 Moroccan Night Clubs (in cadence)

15 Potato Pickers (in cadence)

20 Merkens (in cadence)

30 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)

Downward Dog/Upward Dog

The Thaang

Mosey from the circle back to the 1st tree across from the bathrooms.  I can’t pull off repeated burpees, so I thought I’d break it down a bit to merkens and Bobby Hurleys.  At the first tree we do 1 each then a Paula Abdul run up 2 trees and back 1 tree and we add a merken and a Bobby Hurley to the routine…we work our way up 3/4 of the way up the road after our first audible…we got up to a set of 12 each (but do the math…seriously, someone do the math, I don’t have the mind for that).  Some of the guys probably did more.

We next mosey to the far lot of the school for a Starfish.  We start at the center where 20 speed skaters begin the circuit…from the center we hit each of the 4 corners for an exercise, returning to the center after each corner for 20 more speed skaters.  The 4 corners: Freddy Mercurys, Squats, Side Ups, and Lunges.  We do this 2x.

We mosey back to the top of the hill and partner up.  There was some confusion about what we were supposed to do, in what order, etc….my bad.  The plan was we do 300 reps of 3 exercises (chest press, curls, overhead press) while the partner runs down the hill to the far end of the lot and return.  We started out well…I think we all got through the first exercise up to 300.  Time was a tickin’ and the arms were taking a lickin’, so, audible to 250 for the second exercise, then another audible to recover early on the last exercise…me and Chainsaw got over 100 (I’m sure others got more reps in).

Mosey back to the bathroom shed for 2 sets of dips and step ups (20 each) with a lap around the shed after each exercise…oops, scratch that, good call audible the step ups to lunges out of fear of breaking the picnic table benches under F3 weight.  Still some time left…

Linebackers from the shed to the circle leading with the right leg, then returning to COT leading with the left leg.  Still some time…

LBCs for the last about a minute…that’s a wrap…great work!


Great experience leading a Saturday workout for the first time…I’ll be back to Commitment and other Saturday sites too.  The support from all the PAX when I Q and just post is very meaningful to me (and I know to other PAX as well).  Such a great group of guys.  Thanks!


CPR Training on Monday, 3/29, from 6-8…sign up om GroupMe or see Surge.

Keep Centerfold’s mom in your hearts and prayers as she continues her battle against the Big C.

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