This one was for the old F3 Pax- RIP Day Zero

This one was for the old F3 Pax- RIP Day Zero

Back in the day there was a workout called, Day Zero.  Much like the Stonehenge / Da Vinci weekly battles, The Rock and Day Zero would always go head to head to see who’s workout was harder.  In the end, it was determined that they both were hard and we combined the 2 AO’s to make one bad a$$ Sat workout…or at least that’s how it was told to me.  Either way, Day Zero has a few stupid ideas.  The one day I attended DZ, a now infamous workout, Alf was the q and we had 4 guys to grab 3 things (rock, 45# plate and something else) and we walked to Charlotte Catholic and back.  Since then and in the world of Covid, no coupons were shared, but we manage to pay tribute to that fine morning.  If you did not see the prebalst, you missed it.  It was sent on Thursday on the #SACS slack channel.  Why… Because every Wednesday at 5:15 at South Charlotte Middle we Shut Up and Carry $hit, I just felt it was appropriate to only put it there.  I mean if I preblasted it, would we have had more or less numbers this am??  Either way at 6:58 I stated to review the plan, 6:59 we had everyone (but Hoover) and like clockwork GPS stated 0700 we took off and Hoover rolled in after 6 miles (strong)


Warm Up

Easy jog to the rock pile.  Instructed to get a lifting rock…ok, I said we were not running, but nobody asked about a fast mosey.


The Thang

Once we secured the rock, we made the 1 mile journey to the original, Day Zero.  I am not sure how often this site is used by the The Rock Zero guys, but today we got to see it in its full beauty!  Head over to the basketball court were there was a white board sitting there with todays plan.

10 exercises, perform 10 reps total of each and take a full lap on the track.  Repto 10 times or until time is called


  • Hand release Merkins
  • LBC
  • Curls w/rock
  • Overhead press w/rock
  • Burpees
  • Bunny hop
  • Triceps w/rock
  • Squats w/rock
  • American hammer
  • Dry Dock

After the 3rd lap and the 4th round of exercises and the watch @7:40, the Pax started getting nervous about the trip home, so we ended short and made the 1 mile, long, uphill grind home.

Once back, discard rock where you found it.  Little bit of Mary while we wait for the 6 and then head back to launch.  3 more minutes of mary and


Announcements: Congratulations to Mighty Might who was able to convince Pax to donate over 40 pints of blood- T-claps!  And there is another blood drive in spring

YHC with the take out this AM


Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you Geraldo for the opportunity to lead
  • Thank you to the Pax for following my lead
  • Todays workout was not terribly hard physically, but was a mental grind…well done
  • Few comments from the cheap seats:
    • Stone Cold- We use to do this stuff all the time, now we just complain about it
    • Hoover- although late to launch follows the SACS channel, knew the plan and wisely grabbed his ruck….cheating
    • Possible that we broke Geraldo today-  Sorry brother, hope those shin splints go away quickly
    • Gummy and Stone Cold welcome back to Sat boot camp
      • Gummy not the best workout for your shoulder…way to power though
    • Hops thanks for offering up your rock switch, but I had to grind this one out
    • Floor Slapper was on time!
    • Sling Shot was in the lead most of the morning
    • Focker claimed his rock was work friendly as he had a few Sat jobs
    • O’T did you bring a rock..I think you had one for exercises…borrowed?  Strong work
    • Double E, great to see you again, strong work powering thru
    • Horse Head left Boondocks to fend for himself.  Boondocks has been there for years and is getting stronger.
    • Not sure who hid my rock (if you cant q it, don’t do it), unsuccessful!  Nice try
    • That lap was longer then I remember 1/3 of a mile
    • Yes, I am to cheap to pay for Pandora without commercials
    • Sorry, my phone failed to record and missing 1 pax…let me know and I will make this correction
  • Anyone who said Q’ing is hard, isn’t doing what you enjoy.  I was so nervous about this Q because I thought it was going to suck and it did.  But it was the first thing that popped into my head when I was asked, so go with it

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5 months ago

Couple noteworthy mentions:
OT hid his rock in the bushes after carrying it the first mile.
Good to see Gummy. Was our first workout together since 2018.
Gummy consistently accused Hopper of cheating. Gummy was correct.
I do not believe in pre-blasts. If I did, I most certainly would not have posted

5 months ago

You got it backwards. It was Boondock who ditched his rock roadside for a discarded hubcap and left his old man (who had selected far too large of a rock) in the six.

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