The Rock

This one was for the old F3 Pax- RIP Day Zero

ByCheese Curd Feb 20, 2021

Back in the day there was a workout called, Day Zero.  Much like the Stonehenge / Da Vinci weekly battles, The Rock and Day Zero would always go


Merkins, Heels to Heaven, and Pussy Willows

ByHammer Oct 17, 2018

There were about 20ish men that posted in the drizzle.  Short disclaimer modified by Gumby (I know its Gummy) and we are off. We ran over her


Old School Rock Beat Down

ByHammer Feb 4, 2018

What had happened was: Alf called needed someone to step in. So I, being the perfect F3 Brother, stepped up even though I was hamstrung by an

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PREBLAST: The revenge of the Tabata at Ascent

BySony Sep 29, 2017

With the Isabella Santos / Speed For Need race this Saturday, Ascent will remain open as a 7 am workout option! So all y'all over at the Rock Zer

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Fun Facts

ByDeepDish Jul 29, 2017

Ten men showed up in the rain to experience Rock Zero 'light' with no weights, rocks, or medicine balls.  Properly disclaimed, off we went and h

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Policies and Procedures

ByIckey Shuffle Jul 24, 2017

Hi, it's Ickey, who's joined the call?  For those on the phone, we're still gathering in the room so we'll get started in just a minute.  We'll


Never try to look at another man’s weinke

ByVoodoo Mar 27, 2017

17 strong pax met up at Calvary Church Saturday morning for YHC's oft-rescheduled RockZero VQ. YHC was pleased with the turn out considering I wa

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OCR Training Circus Makes a Pit-Stop at Rock-Zero

ByJRR Tolkien Feb 25, 2017

WORKOUT SUMMARY Today marks the official start of Obstacle Course Racing Season with the Spartan Race Arizona Sprint underway (good luck Mario!

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Sloshed on New Year’s Eve!

ByFault Line Dec 31, 2016

I'm a fan of tracking activity, clean slates, fresh starts, etc., so with much anticipation, I was excited to lead on the last day of the year. B


Christmas Caroling at Haze’s House

ByFrasier Dec 17, 2016

15 men gathered, wait I mean 16 no now it is 17 with shocker Floor Slapper coming in hot.  The disclaimer was given and the decision to take a r