Ant Hill Bear Crawl

Ant Hill Bear Crawl

A beautiful morning atop Mt. Chiseled today and a great turnout for a cinder block beat down!  Who knew there’d be an ant hill on Mt. Chiseled in the bear crawl path? Well, seems Damascus found out the hard way.  I guess we shouldn’t have redirected him to go straight over and across on that stretch.  Anyway…

All the pax were given the DICCS (though I forgot some and shouted them during the workout). So, technically, I can check this box, but that can’t fly on my next (third) Q.

Warm Up
Mosey to the Five Stones entrance and circle up at the Mt. Chiseled side lot. Exercises were done in cadence (I think I handled the counting correctly): 20 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins, foot to hand stretches, calf stretch (a crowd pleaser), upward dog into downward dog and recover. Sound off a 1-2 count around the circle of PAX to split the group for an Indian Run.

The Thaaang
PHASE 1: Indian Run 1 1/2 times around Mt. Chiseled so that each PAX makes the end hustle at least once and we head back to the COT to pick up our friend for the day, the cinder block.
We rifle carry our blocks to the midpoint of the parking lot for The Triangle Circuit.

PHASE 2: The Triangle Circuit (3 cones = a circuit).
1st Circuit – rifle carry to each cone and 10 off set merkins (5 right, 5 left).
2nd Circuit – rifle carry to each cone and 21s (curls).
3rd Circuit – rifle carry to each cone and 25 chest press.
…and REPEATO! Not sure how many got through another 3 circuits, but those of you who did…AWESOME!
Next up, rifle carry to the base of Mt. Chiseled and partner up for Phase 3.

PHASE 3: Timer: PAX #1 runs 1/2 around Mt. Chiseled then bear crawls up/over Mt. Chiseled a 1/4 of the way then run back to relieve PAX #2 who is doing an exercise. Exercise order: Overhead press, Freddy Mercurys, Shoulder taps on block, Bobby Hurleys, and Mike Tysons…and REPEATO (time was running out, so not much of a repeato). Rifle carry back to COT for a makeshift, 2 minute phase 4.

PHASE 4: Circle up and we start with a 30 second plank…roll over for 10 LBCs in cadence…side planks with a hip dip…and TIME…great job guys!

This was my second Q and I felt much better this go around…still room for improvement though!  When I came out to my first F3 workout on 2/25 this year, a Chiseled workout, I didn’t think I’d have the physical ability to go back for a second workout and never did I think I’d be able to lead a workout.  Well, many workouts later (pretty consistently 4-6 times a week since I started) and after the shedding of 64 pounds since mid-January, I have the confidence to continue to lead.  As Bottle Cap mentioned in his 6th Man motivation, the F3 workouts may draw you in and get you fit (the “take”), F3 is more than a workout group, it’s a great brotherhood of men with so many other opportunities of faith and service that once you engage in those aspects of the group (the “give”), you’ll find you will become a much stronger and fulfilled person.

Bottle Cap as 6th man today let us know that he’s been with F3 for 5 years and found great fulfillment and reward once he began to engage in the many faith and service opportunities in F3, the Debbie’s House project 4 years ago being his gateway.  Bottle Cap got his F3 name due to his past work with Anheuser Busch and current work with Coca-Cola.

No FNGs.

The Chicken Little organized Turkey Trot in Briarcrest (and virtually) will be on Thanksgiving Day. Sign-up by 10/30 to secure your T-Shirt.  The money being raised is in support of a Briarcrest community member struggling with cancer and an amputation as a result.  Check out this link for more information:
CPR classes being organized by Surge are being held on 11/9 and 11/16. Contact Surge and look for more information on Group Me.

SOB is organizing a Makeshift Marathon on 11/14 at 7 am in Ballantyne.  The course is a 10K loop and you can run the full marathon or a shorter distance. Check out the Pre-Blast for sign up information:

A new Open Door opportunity began today at Five Stones at 6:30 am and will be held that day/time going forward in addition to the Open Door opportunities on the weekends. Check GroupMe for more information.

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